Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time' announced by IDW

Doctor Who - Prisoners Of Time is a 12 part mini series to be released by IDW to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show.
'Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time' cover
Written by David and Scott Tipton (Doctor Who/Star Trek), the title features artwork by Simon Fraser and cover designs by Francesco Francavilla.

Each issue will focus on a past incarnation of the Doctor and his respective companion, with the first chapter featuring William Hartnell's likeness and his assistant Barbara.

It is yet to be confirmed whether issue #12 will introduce a new version of the Doctor or feature one or more of the past incarnations.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1 is released in January 2013.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Get On Yer Bike!

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Jenna_Louise Coleman have been spotted filming an upcoming episode in London. The BBC drama production shifted to London's Embankment to shoot an action sequence. Pictures from the shoot show Smith and Coleman - who plays the Doctor's new companion - climb aboard a motorbike and race alongside a red London bus.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Doctor Stone

Matt Smith and Steven Moffat created their own piece of Doctor Who history today during their first visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! To celebrate the visit, their hand prints were immortalised in cement, which will be displayed permanently at the new attraction. Matt Smith is the first Doctor to be immortalised in this way, although we reckon he won’t be the last.

Matt Smith Has Hands Set In Stone at Doctor Who Experience 

Also taking place at the permanent exhibition was the unveiling of several new exhibits from Series 7, including the dress worn by new companion actress Jenna-Louise Coleman (Oswin’s dress and boots from Asylum of the Daleks), Grayle’s Chained Weeping Angel and The Cherub Angels (The Angels Take Manhattan) and the Robots from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship along with the costumes of Solomon and Nefertiti. 

Matt Smith said:

I’m honoured to have made my own little piece of Doctor Who history today. It’s a show with so much tradition over nearly 50 years, so to be the first Doctor to take part in something like this is really special.
 It’s fantastic that the Doctor Who Experience has been given its very own purpose-built home here next to the studios and it feels like a bit of a spiritual home for Doctor Who. It’s been great fun unveiling some of the Doctor’s most fearsome adversaries from Series 7 and with the Christmas special and more episodes next year, there’ll be plenty more props to come down the line.

 Matt Smith visited The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay

Steven Moffat: 

I’m very excited and honoured to have my hands preserved forever. And quite relieved they came back out of the cement! I now know, for all my future crimes, that my fingerprints are readily and permanently available.
As you may know, the Doctor Who Experience is the only interactive Doctor Who attraction in the world, and welcomed over 230,000 visitors during a one-year stay at London’s Olympia before moving to Cardiff in July 2012. Since opening over 40,000 fans have passed through the TARDIS doors and taken part in their very own Doctor Who adventure

Doctor Who: P.S. - Series 7 2012 - BBC One

Chris Chibnall is very talented indeed. This is so sweet and so sad too. A pity this was not included in the mid series finalė. Beautiful.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

P.S. What Happened to Brian and the Ponds?

The BBC has revealed that a special Pond scene will premiere online tomorrow. The article states “we’ll discover more about Brian and the Ponds, post-Angels”.
More details:
Would Brian – and viewers – ever learn more about Amy and Rory’s life after the Doctor?
A special scene was written by Chris Chibnall that revealed some of the answers but sadly, the sequence was never shot. However, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be bringing you the scene tomorrow. Using animated storyboards and a voice-over specially recorded by Arthur Darvill, we’ll discover more about Brian and the Ponds, post-Angels.
 Arthur Darvill

It begins with Brian alone, doing what he once told the Doctor must be done – watering the plants. But his life is about to change forever…
Doctor Who’s Executive Producer, Caro Skinner, said, ‘We’re delighted we can present this lovely scene written by Chris Chibnall. People took Rory’s dad, Brian, to their hearts very quickly, so it’s fitting we can give the character a degree of closure in this poignant piece.’
P.S. is a short video written by Chris Chibnall and will be essential viewing for anyone who wants to know more about what happened to Brian, Amy and Rory. It will be available to watch on this site tomorrow, Friday, 12th October.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Doctor's New Clothes

Here is an action shot of Matt Smith in his new finery for the Christmas special

Monday, 1 October 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 Blue Ray

Doctor Who - Series 7 Part 1 Weeping Angels Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

Release: 29th October 2012 £26.20 

DVD priced at £17.99

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Amelia Pond's Last Farewell

Karen Gillian & Arthur Darvill made their exit from Doctor Who after 2 years as companions to the the Doctor in the Series 33 mid series finalé 'The Angels Take Manhattan'. I have to admit that I shed a tear or two.

Steven Moffat wrote a fantastic story and a heart breaking exit too. Here is their departure: