Monday, 30 March 2009

DWM Issue 407 - April Edition

On sale 2nd April 2009 £3.99

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Planet Of The Dead Airdate

I received my SKY TV mag this morning, and according to the publication, the first Special is to air over the Easter Bank Holiday - 10th-13th April. Sunday 13th April is likely as BBC ONE and ITV1 see the return of Robin Hood and Primeval respectively. Can not wait!!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Episode: 4.17

The first glimpse of the newest special, reported by alun.vega

The scene is a bookstore, present day earth etc, nothing to hint that its parallel or anything spooky... and an author called Verity Newman is signing her book: A Journal of Impossible Things.

The Doctor has a short conversation with Verity, similar to that with Gewn Cooper in Journey's End.

The book is a modern hardback with a purple cover featuring a fob watch design.

Recognise who's playing Verity? Jessica Hynes who played Joan Redfern in Human Nature/Family Of Blood. I am guessing that Verity Newman is Joan's granddaughter and inherited John Smith's Journal of Impossible Things from Joan Hmmm....


New POTD Pics

March 21 2009 04:14:28.March 21 2009 04:14:14.March 21 2009 04:14:20.March 21 2009 04:14:16.March 21 2009 04:14:18.March 21 2009 04:14:22.March 21 2009 04:14:24.March 21 2009 04:14:26.March 21 2009 04:18:53.March 21 2009 04:18:56.March 21 2009 04:18:58.March 21 2009 04:19:00.March 21 2009 04:19:02.March 21 2009 04:14:12.Thanks to Ben EvansThanks to Ben Evans

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Radio Drama Series and Audiobooks are now listing three new Torchwood Audiobooks for presale, all with seperate release dates in July, August and September. They would appear to be part of a "Torchwood: Radio 4 Drama 2009" series, which means we will most likely be hearing these on the radio before they are actually released in shops.

What is sure to cause mass speculation amongst Torchwood fans is the current cast listing the site gives:

"A Brand new, made-for-radio episode of Torchwood, starring John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman and other members of the TV cast (all details TBC)".

While it looks like we'll be seeing (Or indeed hearing) the delightful Martha Jones in these new audiobooks, is this a hint towards Agyeman being added to the Torchwood cast in the show's future TV escapdes? Or is it just a guest stint for the audiodramas? Or is it actually a simple matter of being lazy and copy/pasting the cast list from the "Lost Souls" special Torchwood did in conjunction with BBC's coverage of the CERN experiment last year?


Anna Friel To Star In The Sarah Jane Adventures?

According to various sources, Anna Friel has apparently landed a role in an episode for the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures which will air later this year. Anna Friel has appeared in many TV shows and films during her career and is well well known for her role as Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles in Pushing Daisies. You can view more information about Anna and her previous work here. The reports and articles claim that she will play an evil zombie life-sized doll and will come face to face with Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani. It should be noted however that these are only rumours at the moment and that the casting of Anna Friel hasn't yet been confirmed by an official source. More information about these rumours will be posted if and when it becomes available.


Tennant Tapes 4 / New Promo Pics - POFD

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, 16 March 2009

Police bring Tardis-style boxes back into use

THEY are perhaps more instantly recognised today as Dr Who's time-travelling Tardis. But police in the Capital are about to turn the clock back more than 40 years by bringing police boxes back into use.

The Lothian and Borders force sees the iconic boxes – forever associated with the Dixon of Dock Green era of the 1950s and 60s – as an ideal way to provide a more visible presence in the city.

Glasgow City Guide Photograph: Glasgow Guide: Images: Police Box.JPG Police Box High Street81.7 KB 13:14: 24 True color (24 bit) 16777216 Make: FUJIFILM Model: FinePix2800ZOOM DateTime: 10/01/2004 13:14:38 EXIFImageWidth: 1396 ExifImageLength: 1047 Flash: Flash did not fire ISOSpeedRatings: ISO 100 ShutterSpeedValue: 1/181 sec ApertureValue: F4.76 FocalLength: 6 mm 10/01/2004 13:14:38 451 600 Police Box.htm
The boxes would be manned at busy times, allowing members of the public to report crimes and hand in lost property. Beat bobbies would be able to take a tea break or fill out paperwork without returning to the station. The boxes would have to be renovated as they have lain empty for at least 20 years.

One has already been refurbished in the Grassmarket thanks to a city council grant as part of the area's redevelopment.

Police have earmarked five others at busy spots around the city centre and more might be identified in future if the initiative proves popular.

Inspector Gavin Phillip, sector inspector for the West End, who is hoping to secure funding for the project, said: "We are looking at five of the boxes we want to spruce up. In addition to use by police officers, they could also be used by partners such as community safety wardens.

"Over the summer, when the visitor numbers increase, they could be a point of contact for the public. They could be manned at busy times of day. It's a key part of visibility and providing reassurance.

"Obviously things have moved on from when they were last used but they could still be used by officers on the beat. There's very limited space inside the box but there's space for filling in forms or potentially handing in lost property.

"It's still at a very early stage of development but I don't think we would need huge sums of money."

The police boxes date from the 1930s and at their peak in the 1950s and 1960s there were 86 scattered around Edinburgh. Twenty years ago they fell into disuse. In 1995, 33 of them were sold off and many are now run by the Police Box Coffee Company. A total of 21 of them are listed by Historic Scotland.

Old Town community councillor Bill Cowan said many residents and shopkeepers were keen to see them brought back into use.

He said: "I think it's a brilliant idea. It's got great public support. It makes the police more visible, and there's also an element of nostalgia. It's like seeing a policeman on a bicycle."

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Comic Relief Record!

Comic Relief 09 broke it's own record of £47 million from 2007 to raise a staggering £57.5 MILLION!, and in time of a world hit recession too! How did we do it?? There was a major anonymous donation of £6 million during the first part! Will we ever know their identity? By the end of the evening, the total stood at £57,809,938!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose 2009 Is Here!

Elisabeth Sladen and K9. Red Nose Day

Comic Relief -Red Nose Day 2009 begins it's TV marathon tonight at 7pm, BBC ONE. Don't forget to tune in and DONATE!

The first hour is hosted by David Tennant with Davina McCall. The Saturdays will be performing their Comic Relief single - Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover), a special Harry Hill Tv Burp, and of course the special Sarah Jane Adventures episode starring the great Ronnie Corbett.

Big Finish News

Nick Briggs Goes Live!

On Saturday night at 8pm, Big Finish's very own Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks - we have to put that in, it's in his contract) will be taking questions from you, yes you the listening public, in a live chat. After you've downloaded and had a listen to the conclusion of Orbis, come online and log in (you need to be registered on the site to take part) and you'll be able to put your questions on any part of Big Finish's output to Nick. Simply submit your questions in chat, where they'll be moderated and sent on to Nick, who will do his best to answer as many as he can. The chat is scheduled to conclude at 9pm.

The Lost Stories Update - The Nightmare Fair

Production on The Lost Stories, the audio versions of unmade scripts from the 1980s era of Doctor Who, continues with The Nightmare Fair by Graham Williams which is recording on March 9 and 10. The story, which is set in Blackpool, finds the Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) threatened by the Celestial Toymaker, an immortal being who makes playthings of those he defeats in his games.

The role was originally played by Michael Gough in The Celestial Toymaker by Brian Hayles (1966), but has been recast for this production. Big Finish is delighted to announce that David Bailie (who played Dask in the 1977 story The Robots of Death, and more recently starred in the three Pirates of the Caribbean films) has stepped into the vacated Mandarin costume.

“We spent a lot of time thinking of who we wanted for the Toymaker,” says producer David Richardson, “because this is an iconic role and we wanted to get it right. It’s a demanding part: whoever plays it needs to be charismatic and charming, authoritative and threatening. All sorts of names were suggested, but when the idea of David came up, director John Ainsworth and I were in absolute accord and immediately approached him. Thankfully, he said yes immediately.”

“I was thrilled to be offered this role,” says Bailie. “I read the script and it really appealed to me. The Toymaker is an interesting part because he’s dangerous and deadly, but he’s not really violent – and if he kills people he does it in a really fantastical way. I don't like real violence in films and television today – in my mind, there’s way too much of it.”

The Nightmare Fair will be released in November 2009, and will be available for pre-order from April.

In other casting news, we can reveal that Lost Story Mission to Magnus features Maggie Steed as Rana Zandusia, the leader of the titular female-dominated planet, while Malcolm Rennie portrays Time Lord bully Anzor.
Companion Chronicles: Season Four!

Following the success of the third run of The Companion Chronicles, the talking books performed by the Doctor’s assistants, a fourth season of monthly releases has been confirmed. It begins in July with The Drowned World by Simon Guerrier, a direct sequel to his story Home Truths, starring Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom.

“The response to Home Truths was sensational,” says series producer David Richardson. “I’d always hoped we would make a follow-up story, and Simon sent me a number of suggestions. He detailed a few new different ways of resurrecting Sara Kingdom, but I felt that we’d already found a window back to the character, and it was one that was worth exploring further. So those who enjoyed the first story should be delighted with this sequel.”

Next up in August is The Glorious Revolution by Jonathan Morris, in which Frazer Hines returns to the role of Jamie McCrimmon. The TARDIS materializes in the year 1688, where Jamie discovers a political situation that will have grave repercussions for his own time…

While the September release cannot as yet be named, Richardson reveals, “It will be a Third Doctor story that sees the return of a popular guest character from the era.” Lalla Ward is back as Romana in October in The Cholarian Effect, in which the travellers meet a race searching the cosmos for a mythical figure from their own history – the Doctor himself.

In November, Ringpullworld by Paul Magrs is a quirky tale for Turlough, as played by Mark Strickson, while Bernice Summerfield (Lisa Bowerman) teams up again with the Seventh Doctor for her own – as yet unnamed – Companion Chronicle in January.

News Catch Up

Comic Relief - SJA snippet

Behind The Scenes



John Scot Barrowman was 42 on the 11th March.

Born in Mount Vernon, Glasgow, Scotland in 1967. His father worked for the Caterpillar heavy machinery company in nearby Uddingston, and the company relocated the family to the USA in 1976. John was 8 years old.

He spent the next few years of his life in Joliet, Illinois, where his father was a manager at the Caterpillar tractor factory. Barrowman graduated from Joliet West High School in 1985. While still in high school, he won parts in several musical productions even as a freshman. Between 1983 and 1985 he performed in productions of Hello, Dolly!, Oliver!, Camelot, Li'l Abner and Anything Goes. He also spent a summer working for an Illinois power company, a job arranged by his father to give him experience of manual labour. He attended university in San Diego, and returned to the United Kingdom in 1990.

For more info, go here

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tennant Tapes 3

New Companion for Season 31 ??

According to News of the World, Hannah Murray (Skins) is to be companion to Matt Smith's Doctor in 2010.

Hannah Murray is best known as Cassie Ainsworth in Skins (who suffers from anorexia nervosa, bulimia, self harm, drug addiction and low self esteem) and is apparently considered - by one of those BBC insiders - to be a perfect choice to follow in the footsteps of Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures - Comic relief

Mini Monster Munch

Is Ronnie Corbett out to steal David Tennants time traveling thunder? In another brilliant sketch for Comic Relief, he joins former Doctor Who Companion Elizabeth Sladen and company - including K9 - in what Russell t Davies calls "Sarah Jane Smith's most extraordinary adventure yet". Ronnie Corbett plays a monster called - Sorry, were not aloud to tell you!

The episode should be shown somewhere between 7.00-7.30pm on Friday March13th.

The Sarah Jane Adventures has also been nominated for Royal Television society award for best children's Drama along with MI High and Summerhill. The ceremony takes place on Tuesday 17th March 2009.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

K-9 Series News - Press Release

K9 The Series Poster

Originally created for the 1970s DOCTOR WHO series by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. Now comes a brand new adventure series featuring everyone’s favourite robot dog!

K9 is a children’s sci-fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense “X Files” meets “Men in Black” with a zany dash of “Ghostbusters”. K9 mixes live action characters with stunning visual-effects.

London, in the future: STARKEY (14) orphan and rebel ultimately plans to bring down the system but for the time being he is prepared to simply slip through the cracks. While evading the police he takes refuge in a large detached house, now the residence of reclusive scientist, Professor GRYFFEN. He is followed by JORJIE (14) an adventurous girl who partly admires Starkey’s dissident stance, but mostly wants to share whatever excitement is afoot.

Inside the dilapidated mansion, they see Gryffen absorbed in an experiment with a strange piece of alien technology, a Space Time Manipulator (S/TM). DARIUS (15) an artful dodger who, among his many occupations, runs errands for Gryffen, confronts the pair, but at that moment a portal opens and through the hole torn in the fabric of space/time burst two reptilian warrior JIXEN. The Jixen attack Starkey. The teenager is saved from certain death by a small dog-like robot, K9 Mark I, who follows the Jixen through the portal and places himself between the monsters and boy.

In the ensuing battle, the only way K9 can defeat the Jixen is to blow himself and them to pieces. One surviving Jixen limps out of the mansion. Before expiring, K9 is able to give instructions that allow Starkey to initiate a regeneration program. A new, more sophisticated and futuristically designed K9 is regenerated.

K9 and Starkey, with the assistance of Jorjie, Darius and Gryffen, become the earth’s front line defence against dangers threatening from anywhere and anytime in the galaxy. They will have a lot of fun, action, adventure, and some scares along the way, saving the earth from alien creatures, monsters and more than a few human threats.

The logo for the new Doctor Who spin-off series K9 has now been revealed. The logo has been taken from the title sequence of the show, and Paul Tams, the co-creator and co-associate producer of the show said that the new logo is based on K9's old-type font of Westminster, but with an update. The font is also going to used on K9's new body. K9 will be on screen as an animatronic prop and in CGI form in his new series, due to air later this year.


The show is being made by Jetix Europe and Park Entertainment. As the character of K9 is owned by Bob Baker and Dave Martin the show will have no connection with the BBC unless they buy the rights to show it.

It is planned to be shown late 2009. The series will be made up of 26 half hour episodes. The show will be a mixture of live action and computer animation. K9 will be animated.

This is rumoured to feature the original Mark 1 K9 but with an updated look, it is also rumoured to feature references to past Doctor Who adventures.

K9 The Series Poster K9 The Series Poster