Thursday, 31 July 2008

Galaxy Four New Range

Classic Doctor Who Prop Replica Collection: TARDIS Console
Pre-order post free (mainland UK only)
Released February 2009

Faithful scaled reproduction of the original TARDIS console prop as featured in the 1963 pilot episode. 1:6 scale. Illuminated console and time rotor. Each replica is presented in clear acrylic display case with etched brass plaque featuring unique edition number. Crafted by renowned artist Ian Crichton.

Sorry, not available outside UK

Classic Doctor Who Prop Replica Collection: TARDIS
Pre-order post free (mainland UK only)
Released February 2009
Faithful scaled reproduction of the original TARDIS prop as featured in the 1963 pilot episode. 1:6 scale. Illuminated windows, signage, lamp and original sound effect from the show. Each replica is presented in clear acrylic display case with etched brass plaque featuring unique edition number. Crafted by renowned artist Ian Crichton.


Classic Doctor Who Prop Replica Collection: Sonic Screwdriver
Pre-order post free (mainland UK only)
Released 15 October 2008

Faithful 1:1 scale replica of original studio prop Reproduced in turned aluminium Spring loaded body to simulate authentic movement of original prop Displayed in deluxe presentation case Etched brass plaque featuring unique edition number Created by renowned artist Ian Crichton
Limited Edition of only 800 worldwide!

Classic Doctor Who Statue: Fourth Doctor
Limited Edition of only 800 worldwide!
Released 15 December 2008

Stunning likeness sculpted by renowned artist Andrew Teal. 12" Tall/1:6 scale. cast in high quality polystone material. In presentation box individually numbered.


Classic Doctor Who Statue: Cyberman from 'Revenge Of The Cybermen'
Exclusive limited edition of only 800 worldwide!
Released 15 December 200
Stunning likeness sculpted by renowned artists Sarah Alpin and Andrew Teal. 12" Tall, 1:6 scale. Cast in high quality polystone material. In presentation box, individually numbered.


Classic Doctor Who Statue: Cyberleader from 'Revenge Of The Cybermen'
Exclusive limited edition of only 800 worldwide!
Released 15 December 2008

Stunning likeness sculpted by renowned artists Sarah Alpin and Andrew Teal. 12" Tall, 1:6 scale. Cast in high quality polystone material. In presentation box, individually numbered.


New Cyberman

Cybershade - who will appear in the Christmas Special this year - has been described by insiders on the long-running science fiction television show as "Cyberman gone bad".

The insider added: "Like we did with the Daleks, we taken the original robot and made it a bit more sinister. They Cybershade is a mutant with some of the looks of the Cybermen - but it is a much darker creation.

"Fans always want something new. Just wheeling out Cybermen again would be tame."

Doctor Who has fought a long and often exhausting battle against Cybermen during his career on the world's most enduring television science fiction show.

They first appeared in 1966 as a fictional race of cyborgs. They were an organic species of humanoids from the planet Mondas. They began to implant more artificial parts into their bodies.

The evolution of the programme's villains has been a feature of the programme, which was first broadcast in 1963. For example, the most famous baddie the Dalek was often mocked for its inability to climb stairs. But in recent episodes Daleks have been seen hovering and flying using an energy thruster. They have even found the ability to fly through space.

Stephen Moffat, the Doctor Who writer, has promised several new villains in the Christmas Special.

"We're not in the business of being nostalgic. We're making nostalgia for the future," he said.

(The Telegraph)

Sorry Rose, The Doctor Says You're Too Needy

NEW Doctor Who chief Steven Moffatt says Billie Piper will NOT return to the hit show — because her character Rose is “too needy”.

Rose was last seen heading off into the sunset with a clone of the timelord at the end of the fourth series.

TV beauty Billie, 25, is 6½ months pregnant and does not plan to act next year. But Steven — who is taking over from Russell T Davies as writer and executive producer of the show — ruled out a Rose comeback.

He admitted he admired the Doc ditching Rose, saying: “You have to hand it to the Doctor for dumping a slightly needy girlfriend by palming her off on a copy of himself.

“He tried leaving her in a parallel universe and that didn’t work!”

Steven was speaking at the Comic Con event in Los Angeles. He also revealed he turned down working with legendary director Steven Spielberg on the film version of Tintin to take on Doctor Who.

He said: “You treat Doctor Who like a sad little fanboy who’s just been given an enormous toy to play with.”

Steven denied that worried parents would force him to rein in the Doctor Who creepiness in series five of the drama. He joked: “I would say to parents — tough!”

Bosses are still trying to tempt star David Tennant, 37, to make a full return in the new series with a £1.5million offer.

(Sara Nathan - The Sun)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

American Season 30 Boxset

It was announced today that the fourth series of Doctor Who will be available on DVD as a box set in North America on the 18th November. A draft cover for the North American box set can be seen above and a list of the so far confirmed contents for each disc can be seen below;

Disc 1: Voyage of the Damned

Disc 2: Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii and Planet of the Ood

Disc 3: The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, The Doctor’s Daughter and The Unicorn and the Wasp

Disc 4: Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead and Midnight

Disc 5: Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End

Disc 6: Doctor Who Confidential Cut Downs

At the moment it is unknown when the box will be released in other countries but it's speculated that it will be released in the United Kingdom on either the 17th or 24th of November. Other extras such as Time Crash are expected to be included but have not yet confirmed. What do you think of this news?

David Tennant - Hamlet

As many of you may be aware DAVID TENNANT can currently be seen in the RSC production of HAMLET. Here are some pictures from the production and rehearsals. Click on the pics for bigger versions.

(blogtor who)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Doctor Who Proms

"Music Of The Spheres"

Jenny -New Companion in Season 31?

Reports from The Sun suggest that Jenny, The Doctor's daughter, will be returning to Doctor Who as a full-time companion for the fifth series of the show. Jenny appeared in the sixth episode of Doctor Who series four and is played by actress Georgia Moffett. According to the article the show's bosses are keen to sign her up after she proved a hit with fans of the show. Earlier reports suggested that she would appear in one of the specials next year but as always nothing has been confirmed yet so I would take this with a pinch of salt. These are just rumours at the moment and they may prove to be true or they may prove to be false. In other news Freema Agyeman has been cast in the upcoming show Law and Order: London. Would you like Jenny to return to Doctor Who for it's fifth series in 2010?

No Daleks in 2010

New Head Writer Steven Moffat has confirmed that he does not intend to bring the Daleks in the Fifth Series that will begin in 2010 after Russell T Davies steps down from the last Christmas special. Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005 by Russell T Davies the Daleks have appeared in every series which in total is nine episodes, three with Christopher Eccleston and six with David Tennant, which has been criticized by many fans who claim the Daleks have been overused.
  • Steven Moffat said: “Fans always look back, but shows have to look forward.
  • “There’s a brand new audience of kids for Doctor Who each year and they have to think it’s their programme, not some relic that belongs to their parents.”
  • He said: “I’m as obsessed with the show’s past as many in the audience, but I have to resist my impulse and keep everything fresh.”

It is unknown if any Classic Doctor Who monster will return to battle the Doctor during the Steven Moffat Era of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat made no comment on any plans of returning Companions or Villains from the New Series of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat previously stated that to write for Doctor Who is his Childhood dream.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Simon says No

Simon Pegg has ruled out taking the lead role in Doctor Who, reports Wired.

The Hot Fuzz actor, who appeared in the sci-fi show as a guest star in 2005, admitted that he would not want to replace David Tennant for fear of ruining the series.

He said: "Being the Doctor? I don't think I'd do it for two reasons. One, I'm really loving doing movies. I'm really enjoying working in the US. Second, I really love Doctor Who and I'd hate to have to sit down every Saturday night and have it be me. "

"David's done such an incredible job, he's gonna be a tough act to follow. It would feel awful if I just went and balled up the franchise by just being rubbish."

Pegg's next film How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, in which he co-stars with Gillian Anderson and Megan Fox, is scheduled for release in the UK on October 3.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Christmas 2008 - New Trailer

Capt. John Figure

Scificollector recently released an image of the upcoming Captain John Hart figure. Captain John Hart appeared in episodes one, twelve and thirteen of Torchwood series two and was played by James Marsters. An image of the Captain John figure can be seen above, click the image to enlarge it. This figure will join the Blowfish in Wave 2 of the Torchwood figures and you can see an image of the Blowfish figure here. Click here to view the wave one set of Torchwood figures which are expected for release in Autumn. Wave 2 figures will be released at a later date but at the moment it's not known when. Figures of Owen, Toshiko and Ianto are also in the making and will be released at some stage in the future according to Scificollector. What do you think of the Captain John Hart figure?

BBC Proms - 27th July 2008


The Doctor Who Prom features music from the BBC One series and classical favourites from composers such as Holst and Wagner, all based on the theme of space and time. The family concert also features a specially filmed scene written by Russell T Davies and starring David Tennant which we'll be posting on the Doctor Who website during the interval.

Music Man! What can you play?

The Doctor likes his music.

The Tenth Doctor was caught singing 'I could have danced all night' from My Fair Lady in The Girl in the Fireplace, and the character of Tallulah made an assumption that he liked musical theatre in Daleks in Manhattan. He also dabbled with playing a Cathedral organ in The Lazarus Experiment.

The Ninth Doctor demonstrated his musical abilities by playing an alien instrument for alien artefact collector, Henry Van Statten in Series One episode, Dalek.

The Seventh Doctor was a dab hand, playing the spoons!

The Sixth Doctor was known for bellowing out small snatches of opera.

The Fifth Doctor thwarted the plans of Rassilon on Gallifrey, by playing the harp which unlocked a secret room in the 25th Anniversary Special, The Five Doctors.

The Forth Doctor shattered glass with his singing!

The Third Doctor managed to send a monster to sleep by singing it a lullaby.

The Second Doctor was well known for giving us a tune on his recorder.

The First Doctor was seen in The Romans, disguised as Rome's most famous lyre-player.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Barrowman up for Captain America Role?

SDCC: Torchwood Star Up for Captain America?
Source: Silas Lesnick
July 24, 2008

John Barrowman, the star of "Torchwood," was just asked moments ago at the San Diego Comic-Con panel if there was any possibility that he would be playing Captain America in the upcoming feature film.

He smiled and gave the stock answer that he'd love to play the character and that Captain America has always been his favorite comic book superhero. Clearly, though, the notion did not take him by surprise and he ended up admitting there had been discussions with his agents and meetings on that very issue.

What do you think? Though maybe not the star-power that the studio might be looking for, Barrowman certainly fits the bill. We'll bring you more news as it develops.

The First Avenger: Captain America is currently scheduled for a May 6, 2011 release.

Freema to star in Law & Order:London

July 24, 2008 • Posted By R. Alan Siler
In addition to filming the new remake of the Terry Nation series The Survivors, her appearance as Tattycoram in Dickens' Little Dorrit and rumours that she will be appearing in the upcoming third series of Torchwood, it was announced today that Freema Agyeman will be starring in the new ITV production Law and Order: London.

Agyeman will be playing the main prosecutor in the show. Her co-stars include Coronation Street's Bradley Walsh and Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber. According to Bamber, "The show is [with] London judiciary and London cops," said Bamber. "It's got the same premise as the original American Law and Order, same everything, just with a UK production company and UK actors."

Showrunner for the new series is Chris Chibnall, former head writer of Torchwood. Filming is to begin next month.

Doctor Who Magazine 398

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Region 1 release of SJA

TVShowsOnDVD have announced that an SJA Region 1 boxset of the complete first season is due for release on American shores on 7th October 2008!

That's a whole MONTH earlier than the 10th November 2008 UK release date! The set will feature all ten episodes of the first series, as well as the 'Invasion of the Bane' pilot! TVShowsOnDVD also mention that:

"In addition to the above, this 4-disc set will contain extras that include Interviews and a Photo Gallery. Video is anamorphic widescreen, and audio is listed right now simply as "English - Stereo" (we bet that will turn out to be 5.1). English subtitles are included. Running time is 360 minutes, and the cost is $49.98 SRP"

Rejoice, SJA fans! Especially if you're American! I'll be preordering my Region 1 set the moment it shows up on Amazon!


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Survivors Update

Images of Doctor Who and Torchwood Actress Freema Agyeman filming Survivors have appeared online. Survivors was originally created by Welsh Doctor Who writer Terry Nation, famous for introducing the Daleks and Davros, during the 1970’s in which a virus brings the world down to its knees. Freema Agyeman will play Jenny Collins, a bright and lively School teacher, who has tough decisions to make when caring for her dieing flatmate Patricia. Survivors will air on BBC One last Autumn, other Doctor Who and Torchwood Actors cast in Survivors are; Shaun Dingwall, Paterson Joseph and Nikki Amuka-Bird.

Monday, 21 July 2008

David nominated for Green Award

David has been short-listed for an award that praises eco-friendly celebrities. He is up for the title of Greenest Star at Playhouse Disney's Playing for the Planet Awards. Davis earned his nomination for his championing of hybrid cars.

You can vote for David in the awards online here

You can also vote via the following free postal address:

Playing For The Planet Awards,
Playhouse Disney

All votes must be in by 31st July 2008

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer

By Nigel Wrench
PM programme, Radio 4

Delia Derbyshire
Derbyshire studied maths and music at Cambridge before joining the BBC

A hidden hoard of recordings made by the electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme has been revealed - including a dance track 20 years ahead of its time.

Delia Derbyshire was working in the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 when she was given the score for a theme tune to a new science fiction series.

She turned those dots on a page into the swirling, shimmering Doctor Who title music - although it is the score's author, Ron Grainer, who is credited as the composer.

Doctor Who title sequence

Now David Butler, of Manchester University's School of Arts, Histories and Cultures has revealed for the first time the existence of 267 tapes found in Ms Derbyshire's attic when she died in 2001.

They were, until last March, in the safekeeping of Mark Ayres, archivist for the Radiophonic Workshop - and have lain unheard for more than 30 years.

Amongst the recordings is some ethereal whooshing from a 1969 production of Hamlet at the Roundhouse in London; an extraordinary kit of parts for one of her most-admired pieces; and the theme for a documentary set in the Sahara which shows how she used her voice as an instrument.


Most unexpected of all, however, is a piece of music that sounds like a contemporary dance track which was recorded, it is believed, in the late sixties.

Paul Hartnoll, formerly of the dance group Orbital and a great admirer of Ms Derbyshire's work, said the track was, "quite amazing".

"That could be coming out next week on [left-field dance label] Warp Records," he noted.

"It's incredible when you think when it comes from. Timeless, really. It could be now as much as then."

Delia Derbyshire's voice can be heard introducing it. "Forget about this," she says, "it's for interest only."

David Butler says: "She was a sculptor of sound, often recording found sounds."

The next extract from the archives is a recording of her own voice, played forwards and backwards.

It is the raw material for Blue Veils and Golden Sands - the documentary about the Tuareg people in the Sahara.

The final version (right) contains cut up elements of her voice (which she jokingly referred to as a "castrated oboe"), and the sound of several electronic oscillators.

The third recording from the archives features actor Nicol Williamson's legendary portrayal of Hamlet.

Performed at London's Roundhouse, this excerpt captures a soliloquy set to Derbyshire's backdrop of eerie science fiction swooshes.

"I find it spell-binding," says Hartnoll.

"I've got a shedload of synthesizers and equipment, whereas Delia Derbyshire got out of the Radiophonic Workshop when synthesizers came along.

"I think she got a bit disheartened and a bit bored with it all when the synthesizer came along and it all became a little too easy."

David Butler
David Butler used an old reel-to-reel tape recorder to digitise the collection

Ms Derbyshire was well-known for favouring the use of a green metal lampshade as a musical instrument and said she took some of her inspiration from the sound of air raid sirens, which she heard growing up in Coventry in the Second World War.

So what next for the 267 tapes she left behind?

"The next thing that we want to do is make the archive available to everyone who wants to hear it," says David Butler.

"But also this has to be a living, breathing archive so we are going to commission new works as well.

"We hope to be able to commission works from contemporary electronic musicians and also those who worked with her - surviving members of the Radiophonic Workshop."