Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman is once again on the press promotion circuit in advance of the premier of his new series Tonight's The Night (a sort of modern take on Jim'll Fix It) this Saturday night.

When quizzed by BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat's Sarah Jane Griffiths on the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, John revealed that the new actor is "really excited" about starting work on the series.

More interestingly however he also failed to deny that Captain Jack Harkness - first seen in Steven Moffat's The Empty Child in 2005 - would be returning to appear opposite a third incarnation of the Doctor...

Is Jack likely to make an appearance?

Jack will always return to the Tardis if the Doctor is in need to help save the planet or conquer an alien race trying to invade. That's all I can say. You know how secretive we are.

John Barrowman's six-part series Tonight's The Night kicks off Saturday April 18th at 6.55pm.