Thursday, 27 May 2010

Brand New Doctor Who Figures Announced

Forbidden Planet - 11th Doctor Wave 1 Figures release date 25th July 2010

Wave 1

11th Doctor, Amy Pond & Professor Bracewell

Wave 1
MOD Dalek & New Drone Dalek
Wave 1
Hawthorne, Decayed Weeping Angel & Peter the Winder with hidden Smiler face

All available for Pre Order Price £7.99 RRP £8.99

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

DWM No 422
On sale Thursday 27th May 2010 Price: £4.20

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A Gallifreyan Nightmare!!

What if Doctor Who were a Disney movie? - have given us a trully Gallifreyan Nightmare courtesy of one of their subscibers - Christoval. He took a concept and made it reality in the form of the above poster as how Disney would interpret our beloved Doctor Who. What a terrifying thought -EEK!!

Here are two other images including a clean look at the poster:-
What if Doctor Who were a Disney movie? Chibi Daleks - now these are kinda cute. One could imagine these rolling along on your desk screaming out Exterminate! and not falling off your desk.

What if Doctor Who were a Disney movie?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Doctor Who Rocks!

Daleks and Cybermen are to tread the boards as TV hit Doctor Who regenerates into a live action arena tour.

The Tardis will materialise in nine UK cities on a 25-date Doctor Who Live tour in a spin-off that will see epic on-stage battles and special effects.

While Doctor Who Matt Smith will not appear live on stage, he and assistant Karen Gillan have filmed special scenes for the show.

Writer Steven Moffatt said he wanted to recreate the excitment for the stage.

"This is everything I ever wanted since I was 11," he said. "A live show, with all the coolest Doctor Who monsters, a proper story, and brand new screen material for Matt Smith's Doctor.

"I'll be writing scenes for it, and probably attending every single night."

Doctor Who Live will open in wartime London and end with what is described as an "epic on-stage battle".

The action will be set to a live soundtrack by TV show composer Murray Gold, with a 16-piece orchestra live on stage.

Gold said: "The live element always adds something extra, but these will also be brand new arrangements for a new band of very talented musicians. It's very exciting."


  • Oct 8-10 - Wembley Arena
  • Oct 12-13 - Sheffield Arena
  • Oct 14-17 - Glasgow SECC
  • Oct 18-20 - Birmingham NIA
  • Oct 22-24 - Manchester MEN Arena
  • Oct 25-26 - Notts Trent FM Arena
  • Oct 28-31 - Cardiff Int Arena
  • Nov 2-3 - Liverpool Echo Arena

New 10th Doctor Graphic Novel & 11th Books

Doctor Who: Only Good Dalek (Hardcover)

An epic adventure featuring the Daleks - and the first Doctor Who graphic novel from BBC Books!

Top-secret Station 7 is where the Earth Forces send all the equipment captured in their war against the Daleks to be analysed and examined. But somehow the Daleks have found out about Station 7 - and there's something there that they want back. The Doctor and Amy arrive on the station, only to discover the terrible secret of Station 7. They don't just store captured Dalek technology, it's also a prison. And the only thing that might stop a Dalek is another Dalek!

£14.50 Available 19th September 2010.

Nuclear Time

‘My watch is running backwards.’

Colorado, 1978. The Doctor and Amy arrive in Appletown – an idyllic village in the remote American desert where the townsfolk go peacefully about their suburban routines. But when two more strangers arrive, things begin to change. The first is a mad scientist – whose warnings are cut short by an untimely and brutal death. The second is the Doctor… As death falls from the sky, the Doctor is trapped. The TARDIS is damaged, and the Doctor finds he is living backwards through time. With Amy being hunted through the suburban streets of the Doctor’s own future and getting farther away with every passing second, he must unravel the secrets of Appletown before time runs out… A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Doctor and Amy, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television.

The King's Dragon

‘They called it the Enamour. It turned minds, sold merchandise, and swayed elections. And it did its job far too well...’

In the city-state of Geath, the King lives in a golden hall, and the people want for nothing. Everyone is happy and everyone is rich. Or so it seems.

When the Doctor and Amy look beneath the surface, they discover a city of secrets. In dark corners, strange creatures are stirring. At the heart of the hall, a great metal dragon oozes gold. Then the Herald appears, demanding the return of her treasure... And next come the gunships.

The battle for possession of the treasure has begun, and only the Doctor and Amy can save the people of the city from being destroyed in the crossfire of an ancient civil war. But will the King surrender his new-found wealth? Or will he fight to keep it...?

The Glamourous Chase

‘Why are you here? I mean – who are you, exactly?’

An archaeological dig in 1936 unearths relics of another time... And – as the Doctor and Amy realise – another place. Another planet. But if Enola Porter, noted adventuress, has really found evidence of an alien civilisation, how come she isn’t famous? How come Amy’s never heard of her? Come to that, since she’s been travelling with him for a while now, how come Amy’s never even heard of the Doctor?

As the ancient spaceship reactivates, the Doctor discovers that nothing and no one can be trusted. The things that seem most real could actually be illusion. Obvious illusions could be real – and deadly.

Who can the Doctor trust when no one is what they seem? And how can he defeat an enemy who can bend reality itself to their will? For the Doctor and Amy – and all of humanity – the buried secrets of the past are very much a threat to the present...

The Eleventh Doctor hardbacks £4.89 and expected in shops in August 2010.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

FP New WHO Merchandise

Poster £3.99

Birthday Cards£4.99 Doctor Who: Birthday Card: Time For Your Birthday (Product Image)£1.79
Doctor Who: Birthday Card: TARDIS (Product Image)£1.99Doctor Who: Birthday Card: New Daleks (Product Image)£1.35
Doctor Who: Birthday Card: Exterminate (Product Image)£1.99 Badge Pack £2.99


All priced at £14.99

Forbidden Planet

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Graham Norton Gets Exterminated By Cartoon Dalek

After the end of 'The Time Of Angels', 24th April 2010, was spoilt by the BBC showing a cartoon Grahm Norton for the following programme - 'Over The Rainbow' - show which is searching for a new Dorothy for the stage play 'The Wizard Of OZ', Monday's Graham Norton Show, Norton took ther joke out of himself by being Exterminated by a cartoon Dalek.