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Karen Gillan

Karen Sheila Gillan was born and bred in Inverness, Scotland (born 28 November 1987). Her father, Raymond John, a Day Centre Manager, and mother, Marie, live in Kinmylies. She attended school at Charleston Academy. Formally known as Inverness High School. Aged 16, she decided to pursue her acting career further, studying acting at Edinburgh's Telford College. Later, she secured a place at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts drama school in London on the BA (Hons) Acting degree course.

Before Doctor Who

Gillan gained her first television role in Rebus while still studying at Italia Conti, and has since had parts in The Kevin Bishop Show, Channel 4's Stacked and James Nesbitt's forthcoming film Outcast. On The Kevin Bishop Show, Gillan played several roles in various skits, including one in which she parodied both Angelina Jolie and Jolie's interpretation of video game heroine Lara Croft. She has also lampooned Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman and pop singer Katy Perry.

Standing 5'11, Gillan is the tallest actress to be cast in the companion role, and when not acting, she has taken advantage of her height to take on occasional modeling roles, including 2007 London Fashion Week for designer Allegra Hicks' autumn/winter catwalk show.

Karen can also be seen in upcoming teen drama The Well in the autumn.

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http://i413.photobucket.com/albums/pp220/combomweek2/the%20well/coll-02.jpg Click to view full size image

The Well will air in the autumn in the Switch zone on BBC Two (Saturdays 12noon-2.00pm) and extends online at bbc.co.uk/switch where the audience can immerse themselves further in the story, exploring a spookily atmospheric recreation of the main drama location in a multi-level game.

The action in The Well centres on a derelict building, which contains a long-forgotten well, the resting place of a dormant malevolent force. When the house changes owners and renovations begin, four teenage friends uncover the well and unwittingly unleash an old and restless spirit.

Doctor Who

2008 - Karen first appeared in Series 30 episode The Fires Of Pompeii where she played a Soothsayer - a member of the Sibylline Sisterhood that were in Pompeii in 79 AD. She has eyes painted on the back of her hands - a sign of a soothsayer. She was the first of the Sisterhood to see the TARDIS or "Blue Box" that had appeared in a prophecy. She had psychic powers due to breathing in dust from Mount Vesuvius that was converting her into a Pyroville and could see time thanks to the rift activity there. It is likely that she died during the eruption as it has not been shown otherwise.

29th May 2009 Karen is announced as the new companion Amy Pond to Matt Smith's Doctor for Series 31 (airing 3rd April 2010 6.25pm BBC1). Writer and executive producer Steven Moffatt described her as being "funny, and clever, and gorgeous, and sexy". No further details of her character have been released so far, and in fact for several weeks only a first name was known, until the BBC later indicated the character's last name.

She is one of only a handful of actors to return to televised Doctor Who in an ongoing role after having previously appeared in a guest role. Others have included Colin Baker, peter Purves, Jean Marsh, Nicholas Courtney, Ian Marter, Lalla Ward and Freema Agyeman.

Gillan is not the only member of her family appearing on Doctor Who as it's been announced that her nine-year-old cousin, Caitlin Blackwood, has also filmed an appearance in Season 31 episode 1 The Eleventh Hour where she will be playing Amy's younger self.

Amy meeting the Doctor years later
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Fourth Doctor to return in 2011?

Story Image Rumour mongering has begun for Series 32. According to The Daily Express, there have been talks with Tom Baker (75), about a cameo appearance in the next series and that Elisabeth Sladen may also return.

Tom Baker bowed out of the role in the story Logopolis in 1981 and Peter Davison became the fifth incarnation of The Doctor.

A BBC mole said: “As it’s Doctor Who, his return all these years on could be explained in all manner of ways.”

Baker, most recently the narrator of Little Britain, has previously said that he would be open to the idea of returning, suggesting he could even portray the Doctor’s arch-foe The Master.

Matt Smith - I wrote Doctor Who stories

Matt Smith has revealed that he prepared for his Doctor Who role by writing his own stories about the Time Lord.

The 27-year-old actor, who took over from David Tennant as The Doctor, explained that he used the literary experiments as a way of creating a bond with his new character.

Smith is quoted by The Mirror as saying: "I wanted to feel like Doctor Who, understand where he'd come from. So I wrote stories of The Doctor and Einstein in Egypt which focused on their roles in the creation of the Pyramids. I had six months prep before we began filming so it gave me time to write quite a few stories."

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The Eleventh Hour opening minute

The Eleventh Hour

Happy Birthday!

Gareth David-Lloyd
29 years old today

Born Gareth David Lloyd in Bettws, Newport, Wales. His first acting role was as a robot in a junior school play. As a teenager, David-Lloyd joined the Gwent Young People's Theatre in Abergavenny and The Dolman Youth Theatre in Newport, where he was a contemporary of the actor Matthew Woodyatt and the singer Nia Lynn. While there, he appeared in several plays, including Macbeth, The Threepenny Opera and HenryV in which he played the title role. When former Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock saw the young David-Lloyd performing at Monmouth Castle, he sent him £250 to use towards his acting career.

Gareth is best known for his role of Ianto Jones in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. 2009 series three - Children of Earth which ran over 5 nights instead of the usually 13 weeks, saw Ianto Jones killed by a poisonous gas by the aliens known only as the 456.

Official Website

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Patrick Troughton 1920 - 1987

Would've been 90 today!

Patrick George Troughton

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New Doctor / New Website (Updated)

The BBC Dopctor Who website has been refurbished to coincide with the refurbished TARDIS, a new Doctor and a new companion for Series 31 of the long running sci fi favourite!

There are exclusive interviews with Matt Smith and Steven Moffatt. They will also be showing the opening minute of 'The Eleventh Hour' as of Saturday 27th March at 6.25pm!

New Look For Confidential

Doctor Who Confidential

The logo for Doctor Who Confidential has changed to go with the new look Doctor Who logo. The new series of Confidential will air as usual after the episodes BBC Three. Episode one of the behind the scenes series, “Call me the Doctor”. Matt Smith give you a guided tour of the new look Tardis.

Wendy Padbury on Matt Smith

Exclusive: New Time Lord's Take on Dr. Who

Sc i-Fi Doctor Who Easter Weekend

Get sonic-ed up this easter as the Sci-Fi channel holds a marathon Doctor Who weekend. I got my weekend sorted!

Friday 2nd April
1400-1600 - The Ark In Space
1600-1800 - The Face Of Evil

1800-2000 - Pyramids Of Mars
2000-2200 - Ark in Space (Repeat from 2pm)

Saturday 3rd April
1400-1600 - Face of Evil (Repeat from Friday)
1600-1800 - Pyramids of Mars (Repeat from Friday)

1800-2000 - Logopolis
2000-2200 - Earthshock

Sunday 4th April
1200-1350 - Logopolis (Repeat from Saturday)
1350-1540 - Earthshock (Repeat from Saturday)

1730-1930 - The Caves Of Androzani
1930-2200 - The Two Doctors

Monday 5th April
1200-1350 - Warriors Of The Deep
1350-1540 - Revenge of the Cybermen (Repeat from Sunday)

1540-1740 - Caves of Androzani (Repeat from Sunday)
1740-2010 - The Two Doctors (Repeat from Sunday)
2010-2200 - Warriors of the Deep (Repeat from earlier)

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Matt Smith talks about Doctor Who

Dr Who

With the new series of Doctor Who set to hit our screens this Easter, Nathan Bevan caught up with Matt Smith, the latest actor to play the Time Lord

YOU’D think having to save the universe from the likes of intergalactic nasties such as the Daleks and the Cybermen was bad enough.

Imagine then being Matt Smith, the unknown actor plucked from relative obscurity to play one of the most famous characters on British television.

At 27 he’s both the youngest ever to play Doctor Who and the person tasked with the unenviable job of inheriting the keys of the Tardis from David Tennant – recently voted “most popular Time Lord ever”.

“I feel a little bit like the President Elect at the moment,” laughed Smith at Cardiff’s world premiere of The Eleventh Hour last week, the first episode of the national sci-fi treasure to feature the Northampton lad’s take on the 900-year-old space traveller with two hearts.

“I know I’ve got pretty big shoes to fill, but hopefully I can reassure everyone.”

Full article

Neve McIntosh, Silurian

Christian Cawley (Kasterborous)

Neve McIntosh, SilurianScots actress Neve McIntosh has been a fan of Doctor Who for many years, and counts Tom Baker as her favourite - so she must have been pretty satisfied to win a part in a 2010 episode which sees the Eleventh Doctor encounter the Silurians for the first time in over 25 years.

McIntosh - who as appeared in Gormenghast, Trial and Retribution and The Hound of the Baskervilles - had to endure 3 hours in makeup every day in order to achieve the look of a reptile warrior.

However she was under added pressure -Neve plays twin Silurians!

“That was a brilliant challenge but this was the type of job that made me want to become an actress in the first place.

“I get to have great make-up, funky costumes and run around pointing ray guns at people. It’s just like being a kid again.”

Interestingly, after appearing opposite Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and companion Amy Pond (fellow Scot Karen Gillan) McIntosh is set to appear in a four part drama with another Doctor Who Scot - David Tennant.

New Piccies

Dickie bow fever - the latest nerdy fashion trend for men

dickie bow We've been holding out for a sartorial change in the world of men's neckwear for some time. And this Easter it will arrive, championed by the time-travelling Matt Smith, the new Doctor.sporting, by the young actor's own suggestion, the oft-derided bow.

The catwalks for autumn-winter 2009/2010 saw no end of similarly chiselled chaps wearing them, and such celebrities as Mark Ronson, David Beckham,havebeen seen taking to the neckwear.

Full article

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Happy 60th Birthday Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm - born 22nd March 1950, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. She is best known for her part as the first incarnation of Romanadvortrelundar (Romana), companion of Tom Baker's Doctor in the 1978/9 Serial - The Key To Time.

Tamm was not initially interested in playing a companion to the Doctor as she believed that the role was merely that of the "damsel in distress". However, she changed her mind when assured by the producers that Romana would be different. Romana was a Time Lady, a member of the Doctor's own people and therefore as capable as the Doctor. She left the programme after only one season as she felt that the character had reverted to the traditional assistant role and could not be developed further. The role of Romana was assumed by Lalla Ward. In a 2007 interview, Tamm stated that she was willing to film a regeneration sequence to allow a smooth transition between her tenure and that of Ward, but was not invited to do so.


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BBC America Trailer

I don't like the voice over artists voice - it's a horrible accent - but so American! (No offence)

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Moffat: 'Matt is going to be gorgeous'Steven Moffat has said that Matt Smith will be "gorgeous" in the upcoming series of Doctor Who.

The new showrunner told BBC Breakfast that a Cardiff screening of opener 'The Eleventh Hour' "went down a storm" and that viewers "seemed to absolutely love it".

Of the new Doctor, Moffat said: "What's Matt going to be like? He's going to be gorgeous, that's a fact... He's a sort of elegant shambles, is the best way to describe Matt. He's both clumsy and elegant at the same time."

Regarding concerns over the departure of David Tennant in the lead role, he added: "In a way you should be worried when The Doctor changes.

"It shouldn't be calm and easy for you, because this what puts the Who back in Doctor Who, the fact that he becomes a stranger again and you have to find him again and you have to get to know him again.

"I think really honestly and truly, in all my life as a Doctor Who fan, I like the new Doctor episodes best of all because it was kind of scary, because you didn't know him and yet you did."


Weeping Angels 'are way worse this time'

Weeping Angels 'are way worse this time'
Steven Moffat has suggested that the return of the Weeping Angels will be more terrifying than their first appearance in Doctor Who.

The quantum-locked hunters first appeared in series three episode Blink, which featured Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow.

After the stone figures were seen in a trailer for the show's return, Moffat told BBC Breakfast: "Those scary statues, I should warn you - and your children - are on their way back and they're way way worse this time.

"How we do we maintain the gripping storylines? Just you wait and see! I'm just dying to get back to that dubbing suite, because I've just seen what the Daleks are up to, and I'm worried."

When asked which other foes The Doctor would face in the upcoming series, he added: "Soon you'll see him grappling with Silurians, an enemy from Jon Pertwee's time as The Doctor, who have a particular reason for wanting to take over the earth - and brand new monsters too."


Steven Moffat BBC Breakfast Interview

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New Series Preview Via The Red Button

A Doctor Who clip will launch on 24th March via the red button service on the BBC commencing at 6am, and will be available until the new series launches on 3rd April.

Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch - Matt Smith & Karen Gillan - BBC Wales Today

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in a scene from Doctor Who
Entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba takes a look at Matt Smith's first outing as the 11th Doctor.

As an episode this has a few boxes to tick.

It has to introduce a new Doctor, a new companion and sustain the momentum the series has built up since its return in 2005. For the most part, it does this well.

The plot picks up with the newly regenerated Doctor crashing his Tardis into a young girl's garden. This being Doctor Who, an alien threat isn't far away.

As a story it veers between witty and creepy. And speeds along as well as the best episodes of the last few years.

Matt Smith's Doctor is a quirky, energetic one. Perhaps the most alien interpretation for many incarnations. Frequently clumsy and uncoordinated in his physical approach. While mentally firing off ideas in all directions.

It's not instantly accessible, it's too complex for that. But it's often performances like this that can, as the series goes on, prove ultimately more satisfying.

Karen Gillan's companion has more instant appeal. Full of qualities designed to make her popular with the audience. She's feisty, brave and funny.

Ultimately it's their relationship that has to power the series. And on the evidence of this first episode, there's certainly potential.

The 12 other episodes to follow (on the strength of a montage of scenes shown on Thursday) combine classic Who monsters - the Cybermen will return - with all new villains.

The expected impressive special fx - spitfires dogfighting in space. And the Doctor exploring history - he visits Stonehenge and encounters what appear to Roman centurions.

Matt and Karen aren't the only new faces. There's a new head writer Steven Moffat.

Moffat is the man behind some of the most popular episodes of the past few years including Blink which featured scary statues and a young Carey Mulligan.

With such a pedigree expectations for the series are high. And this first story, which Moffat wrote, rightly concentrates on the Doctor and his new partner. And provides a solid start for what is definitely its most challenging season yet.

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This new Tardis – not an obligatory accessory for each new Doctor, but required by the damage done to it in Tennant’s last episode – is big. It must be three times the size of Tennant’s, on multiple levels with staircases in between. Less grubby than its predecessor, with a transparent plastic floor on the main level, its walls are resplendent with polished copper and its central column features a blown glass decoration that could be straight from Tales of the Unexpected. There are old car seats and downstairs – downstairs! – a swing. With a nod to Paul McGann’s Tardis, the central column features an old TV screen on an extendable trellis. It also has a 1980s-style computer keyboard, and a His-Master’s-Voice style trumpet speaker.

Viewers won’t see this Tardis until the end of episode one, when the Doctor and Amy walk in for their first journey together. That first episode is now just about finished, barring a couple of CGI monsters that are a bit rough round the edges, and the occasional smudge in the dialogue. The aliens hold off from actually boiling the planet, but that exploding screwdriver still looks a bit of a shock. Most importantly, from the moment he stumbles out of his crashed Tardis, Smith is certainly his own Doctor. Less prickly than Eccleston and without the slapstick of Tennant, he brings an air of muddled intensity that’s a bit reminiscent of, say, Tom Baker (though without the stripy scarf).

Full article - telegraph.co.uk

Dr Who complains of ‘ageist attitudes’ on Earth

Spoof news web site Newsbiscuit,com, has an interview with the newly regenerated Doctor-

In his first interview since his recent regeneration, Dr Who has complained of encountering incipient ageism. ‘When I came round to find I was in my twenties again I was made up. I stopped forgetting where I’d left the TARDIS keys and those frequent trips to the loo became a thing of the past.’

However, he soon realised it was all not all good news. ‘The first thing that people said when I told them ‘I am The Doctor’ was “Oh, aren’t you a bit young dear?”.’ he complained. ’Last week I tried to warn the UN Security Council that a comet that was about to hit the Earth, but they just told me ‘That’s interesting son, run along now and leave saving the planet to the grown-ups.’

He may yet have the last laugh however. ‘The next time the Cybermen turn up I might just pretend I was too busy on Facebook or texting to save the day.’


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Official Airdate of Series 31

The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover. With the TARDIS wrecked, and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him.

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Sat, 3 Apr 2010, 18:25 on BBC One Wales/Cymru

New Promo Pics - The Eleventh Hour