Monday, 25 February 2013

 There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the future of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character in Doctor Who over the last six months. Many believe that she’s short term and won’t be around after the 2013 anniversary special. The rumour has it that her story is a short one and will culminate all too quickly.

But if you read the Evening Standard newspaper and are inclined to believe them, then it looks like Coleman will not only be in the 2013 Christmas special but also  series eight of Doctor Who as well, which would be marvellous as we’re only just getting to know her and eleven episode with her character seems somehow too short.
“Jenna-Louise’s multiple Clara Oswin Oswalds have been confirmed for the 2013 Christmas special and series eight. She has just found out that this year she will have a three-month break from filming Doctor Who when Matt Smith goes to America to star in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster and was immediately on the phone to her agent, keen to start setting up meetings to find something to fill the slot.”
The article printed also mentions a planned three month gap in filming in order for Matt Smith to go off and film with Ryan Gosling in Hollywood before coming back to the Doctor Who fold. As we’ve previously mentioned on Kasterborous, rather than Smith’s call to movies meaning his immediate end to being involved with Doctor Who it could just mean that the filming blocks are shifted around to support his workload and therefore keep him in the role of the eleventh Doctor for a few more years at least.

Ausralian fans preview animated The Tenth Planet

Australian fans attending Whovention: Gold this weekend were fortunate enough to see a world premiere preview of the animated fourth episode of the forthcoming The Tenth Planet DVD.

 To rounds of very enthusiastic applause, a warm and appreciative crowd saw clips from the animated episode, during panels hosted by Dan Hall (Pup Ltd and commissioning editor of the Doctor Who DVD range) and Austen Atkinson of Australian based animation company Planet 55 Studios. During the panels a number of animated clips were shown, including the famous William Hartnell regeneration scene (see images below) and other behind the scenes material. Video from the animated episode will be available next week on  Fans reacted very positively to the material, as well as to queries from Dan Hall as to whether more missing episodes should be subject to similar animation in the future. Mr Hall noted however that while the existing business model for BBC Worldwide DVD releases did not currently allow more than two episodes a release to be animated that future options for allowing the release of more animated material may become more feasible at some later stage.



Saturday, 23 February 2013

Doctor Who Dalek designer Ray Cusick dies after illness


R.I.P.  1928- 2013

The designer of the Daleks from the BBC's Doctor Who has died aged 84 after a short illness, his daughter has said.

Former BBC designer Ray Cusick died of heart failure in his sleep on Thursday, Claire Heawood added.

The Daleks became the iconic villains in cult science fiction series Doctor Who, which is due to mark its 50th anniversary with events this year.

Mr Cusick, from Horsham, West Sussex, leaves two daughters and seven grandchildren, his family said.

Source: BBC

Thursday, 21 February 2013

'Doctor Who' Steven Moffat on 50th: 'There's more than one 60-minute film'

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has claimed that he is "very busy" planning for the show's 50th anniversary.

The sci-fi drama's head writer insisted that fans will get more than just the rumoured hour-long special in November.

"[There's] a lot of different things going on," Moffat said in an interview conducted at the Gallifrey 2013 convention in Los Angeles. "Don't believe the nonsense about one 60-minute film, that is complete nonsense."

Moffat added that he is excited to shoot in 3D for the first time, but did admit that utilising the technology presents some "logistical problems".

"I think it poses every kind of logistical problem!" he laughed. "You can imagine it takes much longer to shoot, every CGI shot has to be done twice… it's a proper old headache.

"But wouldn't it be awful if some other show was the first one to be 3D - it's got to be Doctor Who, hasn't it?"

An Adventure In Time And Space Filming update

Behind the scenes images have appeared online from the forthcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary docu-drama 'An Adventure In Time And Space' starring David Bradley as William Hartnell. The images show in costume are Jamie Glover as William Russell (Ian), Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill (Barbara) and Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford (Susan). As can be seen here, the original (replica likely) console looks fantastic.


David Bradley as William Hartnell (The first Doctor)
Brian Cox as Sydney Newman (BBC head of drama)
Jessica Raine as Verity Lambert (Doctor Who’s first producer)
Sacha Dhawan as Waris Hussein (Doctor Who’s first director)
Lesley Manville as Heather Hartnell (William’s wife)
Reece Shearsmith as Patrick Troughton (The second Doctor)
Jeff Rawle as Mervyn Pinfield (Doctor Who’s associate producer)
Andrew Woodall as Rex Tucker (BBC producer)
Ian Hallard as Richard Martin (Doctor Who director)
Jamie Glover as William Russell (companion Ian)
Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill (companion Barbara)
Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford (the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan)
Sarah Winter as Delia Derbyshire (musician at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
William Russell (the original Ian Chesterton) as Harry
Reece Pockney as Alan

Saturday, 16 February 2013

'Doctor Who': Sue Perkins subject of female Doctor campaign

After the media frenzy that was this article that re cast Doctor Who with all Female Doctors from 1963 to the present day we found that there was a LOT of love for the idea of Sue Perkins being the Doctor.
We thought we would start a campaign to make this happen. It is not so far fetched as you may imagine. There has been a female Doctor in a BBC licenced story before.

Sue Perkins Alternate Doctor for Bigfinish's Doctor Who Unbound

Doctor Who Unbound: Exile
was an officially licenced audio drama by BigFinish with female actress Arabella Weir as the Doctor. This audio is now 10 years old. We would love to see Bigfinish restart the Unbound Series and this time have fan favourite possible female Doctor Sue Perkins take the role.

Scifind knows that Sue is a bit of a fan girl with scifi. When she realised her name was taken for a Block in 2000AD she couldn’t contain herself.


Classic Doctor Who to be animated for DVD release

The First Doctor’s final adventure The Tenth Planet is to have its lost fourth episode animated for DVD release, can exclusively reveal.

Teased yesterday at the Gallifrey One convention by Dan Hall, commissioning editor of the classic Doctor Who DVD range, The Tenth Planet sees both the introduction of the menacing, dead-eyed Cybermen, and the departure of the First Doctor, William Hartnell. The final episode has been missing from the BBC Archives since the mid-1970s, and will be reconstructed using the same Thetamation process used to recreate The Reign of Terror episodes 4 and 5.

Dan Hall said: "It’s a real thrill to be bringing such an iconic Doctor Who episode back to life. Without the events established in The Tenth Planet episode 4, there would be no Doctor Who as we know it!"

The release date is currently scheduled for late 2013. 

View a clip of episode one, below: A tenth planet has appeared in the sky. No one listens as the Doctor insists that the inhabitants of this new planet will soon arrive...

Source: DoctorWhoTV

Monday, 11 February 2013

Doctor Who Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 3D

Ben Stephenson, the BBC’s Controller of Drama Commissioning, has revealed some exciting news about plans to mark Doctor Who’s half-century. Earlier today he announced, ‘As part of the BBC's blockbuster celebrations to mark the Doctor turning 50, fans will be able to  see the Time Lord and his adventures like never before - in 3D!’ 

To be broadcast using some of the BBC’s HD capacity, Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer, said:  ‘It's about time. Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside. A whole new dimension of adventure for the Doctor to explore.’

In the meantime, the Doctor and Clara return to BBC One on Saturday, 30th March for a run of eight epic adventures.
Source: BBC

Confirmed! Ice Warriors Return To Doctor Who

Armed with lethal sonic technology, the reptillian warmongers first tangled with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor in 1967′s “The Ice Warriors”, returning two years later in “The Seeds Of Death”. Jon Pertwee’s incarnation encountered them in 1972′s “The Curse Of Peladon” and 1974′s “The Monster Of Peladon”. Traditionally seen as one of the show’s “Big Four” pantheon of monsters – along with the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Sontarans – the militaristic Martians won a throwaway mention in 2009′s “The Waters Of Mars” but have remained unseen in the 21st Century series.

“We’ve got the most fantastic episode by Mark Gatiss,” executive producer Caro Skinner tells SFX, “where we are bringing back the Ice Warrior… on a submarine! It’s a really wonderful kind of ‘bunker’ episode, and a classic monster which Mark has brought his own inimitable twist to.”

“We wanted to bring them back because they’re wonderful!” says Skinner. “In the mix of stories that we were planning for this year it felt as if doing something very bold with a monster that hadn’t been seen for a while would be really cool. Mark is an enormous fan of the Ice Warrior stories and came up with the idea. The sense of a monster of that scale and that size trapped in a really small, contained environment such as a submarine was a really brilliant story to be able to tell. And obviously we’ve had a huge amount of fun going back to the traditional designs and recreating them, bringing the Ice Warriors back to life again.


“They were such a beautiful original design, and are genuinely really scary in terms of what they look like as they’re coming towards you in that armour. Letting a huge Ice Warrior loose at the heart of a classic Hunt For Red October style submarine movie was exactly the kind of story that the Doctor should get mixed up in.

“They’ve got really scary voices as well,” smiles Skinner. “I spent quite a lot of time on set trying to hiss like an Ice Warrior…”

The Red Planet’s scariest export returns in episode three of series 7.2, directed by Douglas Mackinnon and starring the legend that is David Warner.

Source: SFX 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Adventures In Time And Space Casting Update

BBC ONE Waterloo Road's Jamie Glover (Deputy Head Andrew Trenman) is to play the role of William Russell in the drama An Adventure in Space and Time,his agent Curtis Brown has confirmed. Jamie (the son of Julian Glover and Isla Blair) has made a number of theatre and television appearances, most recently on television as Dr. Michael Evans in Father Brown.

Jemma Powell will play Jacqueline Hill (Barbara)

Sarah Winter will play Delia Derbyshire, the influential composer most famous for her arrangements of the Doctor Who theme.

 Claudia Grant is playing the Carole Ann Ford who played the first Doctor’s granddaughter.
This is  her first TV job since graduating in the summer. 


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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Free Doctor Who Postcards With Next Week's Radio Times

If you do not  normally buy the Radio Times, make sure that you do next week as they have an offer for four free Doctor Who postcards, including David Tennant's The Waters Of Mars Radio Times cover.
The magazine goes on sale on Tuesday 12th February 2013.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Toys R Us Launch Exclusive Doctor And Dalek Figure Packs

Toys R Us have announced an exclusive range of Doctor and Dalek figure sets in their Doctor Who range.
The range will comprise eleven sets, one for each Doctor along with a Dalek from one of the stories from that era. So far information about only three of the packs has been released: the Tenth Doctor figure, which comes with a Dalek from The Stolen Earth, the Sixth from Revelation Of The Daleks and the Second from Evil Of The Daleks.
 The first sets are expected to reach Toys R Us stores in the UK in the next few days, although the actual retail date and price has yet to be confirmed. There is no information yet on a US release of these packs.