Monday, 28 October 2013

Matt Smith - Excited to be in 3D

23rd November sees the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Matt Smith's penultimate episiode as the time travelling hero, is to be shown in cinemas simultaneously with the episode shown on BBC One. Tickets went on sale on Friday 25th October, and the special screenings have completely SOLD OUT!.

Screenings will take place in 216 cinemas across the UK at the same time as the special will air on BBC One on Saturday November 23. If, like me, you are one of thousands not lucky enough to get a ticket from one of the many participating cinemas, will miss out on seeing  Matt Smith as the Doctor and his chin in glorious 3D, and will just have to make do with our flat screens at home.

 Grinning, he said: "My chin is in 3D. I think it's about time. Frankly I think it's exciting. I think this show was born for 3D. The TARDIS in 3D looks brilliant." 

While Matt's thrilled by his chin, former Doctor David Tennant, who reprises his role in the special, says the script is what excites him. 

"I think what works with this is the script is very story led, rather than fill it with things that make people 'oh it's a special anniversary lovely birthday thing'.

 There will also be cinema screenings across the world with fans in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Germany and Canada having the chance to enjoy the special on the big screen. In addition to the cinema screenings, the special will also be played to the 20,000 fans who will gather at London's ExCel for an official celebration event, which will feature appearances from Matt Smith, and former Doctors Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Tom Baker.

Happy Birthday Doctor!

Today, 28th October is the birthday of outgoing Doctor, Matthew Robert Smith; who turns 31 today

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matthew Robert "Matt" Smith (born 28 October 1982) is an English actor and director. He is best known for his role as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who, for which he received a BAFTA Award nomination in 2011.

Smith initially aspired to be a professional footballer, but spondylosis forced him out of the sport. After joining the National Youth Theatre and studying Drama and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, he became an actor in 2003, performing in plays like Murder in the Cathedral, Fresh Kills, The History Boys and On the Shore of the Wide World in London theatres. Extending his repertoire into West End theatre, he has since performed in the stage adaptation of Swimming with Sharks with Christian Slater, followed a year later by a critically acclaimed performance as Henry in That Face.

Before his role in Doctor Who, Smith's first television role came in 2006 as Jim Taylor in the BBC adaptations of Philip Pullman's The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North while his first major role in television came as Danny in the 2007 BBC series Party Animals. Smith, who was announced as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in January 2009, is the youngest person to play the character in the British television series. On 1 June 2013, it was announced that Matt Smith would leave the series and the eleventh Doctor would regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Doctor Who 50th biopic new pictures

BBC America has released three new images from An Adventure in Space and Time.

Shooting 'An Adventure in Space and Time'.
David Bradley as William Hartnell

Shooting 'An Adventure in Space and Time'.

 Filming with David Bradley, Jemma Powell and Jamie Glover as Jacqueline Hill and William Russell who played Susan's teachers Barbara and Ian.

 Shooting 'An Adventure in Space and Time'. 
David Bradley as William Hartnell with Claudio Grant as Carole Ann Ford as Susan

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Day of the Doctor: TV and cinema screenings

The Day of the Doctor cinema poster
Thousands of Doctor Who fans will be able to enjoy the option of seeing the 50th anniversary episode in cinemas around the world. The Day of the Doctor will be shown in 3D on the big screen, in  cinemas throughout the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Germany and Russia.

The cinema screenings will take place the same time as the UK TV broadcast on BBC One on 23rd November 2013, giving fans another unique opportunity to be part of a truly global celebration for the iconic British drama series.

216 VUE, Cineworld, Odeon, BFI and Picturehouse cinemas in the UK and Ireland have already confirmed their participation, with tickets for the anniversary screening set to go on sale this Friday October 25th at 9am. Locations include London, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

 Internationally, German, Russian, American* and Canadian* fans will be able to gather in cinemas to enjoy the simulcast release with approximately 30 cinemas in Germany and up to 50 theatres debuting the episode in Russia. The celebrations will cross time (and space) zones travelling over the equator to New Zealand and Australia where fans will have a choice of 106 cinemas across both countries to view the episode in 3D on the big screen on the 24th November, following the simulcast TV broadcast earlier in the morning.

To find participating cinemas chains, head over to More cinemas will be added to the map as they’re confirmed, so keep checking back.

Paul McGann: "I'm not in the 50th"

  Speaking at the London Film and Comic Con last week, the actor  attempted to put all rumours to bed with a succinct “we’re not in it.”

 Nor are we in the Christmas special let me tell you. I don’t think so anyway! Not unless they are going to shoot it next week.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Big Finish : Doctor Who Anniversary Story

Doctor Who Anniversary StoryThere will be a special announcement from Big Finish regarding their official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, multi-Doctor story 'The Light at the End' later this week. By way of a prelude to that, they have a special teaser trailer for us.

As you may know, Doctor Who: The Light at the End stars former TV Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. The story itself features the first eight incarnations of everyone's favourite Time Lord. It also features that infamous Time Lord, the Master, played by Geoffrey Beevers.

November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors…

It's the day that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart…

It's also a day that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart…

From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly, artificial dimension, all these Doctors and their companions must struggle against the power of an unfathomable, alien technology.

From the very beginning, it is clear that the Master is somehow involved. By the end, for the Doctors, there may only be darkness.

The trailer can be found here

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy Birthday Polly!

Today, 20th October, is the birthday of former Doctor Who companion Anneke Wills, who is 72 years young!


Anneke was born on October 1941, in Berkshire. Her parents Anna and Alaric Willys (she later changed her name to Wills) had planned to buy a house in the South of France but World War II ended that idea. Alaric was a gambler whose debts forced Anna to take on a string of jobs while he became a captain in the British army and an absent figure. Anna worked as a companion to a blind aristocrat, gardener, teacher – moving Anneke and her brother Robin around the country several times. Anneke won her first role at the age of 11 while she was living on a houseboat in Bray, Berkshire. The film was called Child’s Play and she gave the £9 fee to her mother. Deciding she wanted to be an actress she then studied drama at the Arts Educational School in London and quickly became one of the busiest actresses of her generation, early roles included an appearance as Roberta in the first TV version of The Railway Children in 1957.

At 17 she began a relationship with Anthony Newley while working on the TV series The Strange World of Gurney Slade. Later, she married Michael Gough, the distinguished actor who played The Celestial Toymaker in Doctor Who. During the Sixties Anneke spent much of her time at the famous Troubadour Coffee Shop and The Establishment, and was part of the so-called Chelsea Set, counting among her close friends many of the leading lights of the Sixties.
In 1966, she was offered the role of Polly Wright in Doctor Who. She played Polly from 1966 to 1967 alongside William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton as the Doctor – the first in a long line of glamorous Doctor Who girls. Polly joined the crew of the TARDIS in The War machines and left with Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) in The Faceless Ones.   In 1970 Anneke gave up acting and moved to Norfolk, throwing herself into motherhood and gardening. During this time she travelled to Vietnam and Laos, and spent a lot of time at Poona, India, at the ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. She and her son Jasper visited the ashram many times in the 1970s and early 80s.
The Tenth Planet

Anneke remarried twice and lived in California and in an artists colony on Hornby Island in Canada before returning to the UK in the mid-1990s. She is still involved in the worlds of Doctor Who, being a popular guest at conventions, and being employed by the BBC and Big Finish to record various Doctor Who related audio and DVD projects.

Other television credits include appearances in The Avengers and as Evelyn in Strange Report. However she left the latter series when it was planned to switch filming to Hollywood.

Anneke will be attending the premiere of An Adventure In Space And Time - the drama about the genesis of Doctor Who – on Tuesday 12th November.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day of the Doctor airdate revealed (?)


Did you analize the Day of the Doctor trailer? If you did, you would have spotted the transmission date hidden away behind the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. Going by this, it will air at 17.16pm - the same time as An Unearthly Child aired back in 196 3 or, is it just the time that episode transmitted? We shall soon find out.

Day Of The Doctor BBC One trailer

The BBC aired their 50th anniversary trailer this evening at 8.20pm. Watch it below
"Our future depends on one single moment, of one impossible day.
The day I have been running from all my life.
The Day of the Doctor."

Doctor Who Blu Ray Boxset 1-7

 “Do you wanna come with me? 'Cause if you do, then I should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future. The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won't be quiet, it won't be safe and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime.”

- The Ninth Doctor

 It has been revealed that the complete Doctor Who Series 1-7 Blu-ray boxset will be released in the UK.

The 29 disc set contains every episode from the revived series of Doctor Who so far, with series 1-4 making their d├ębut on Blu-ray in fully remastered 1080p HD.

The extras from previous DVDs are included as well as a disc of all new special features.

The boxset will be released on Monday 4th November 2013,
Price £167.25
and is now available to pre-order at the BBC Shop:

Friday, 18 October 2013

Publicity shots from the set of An Adventure in Space and Time.

The BBC have released publicity pictures of the cast of the forthcoming 50th anniversary special 'An Adventure In Time And Space'. The documentary tells the story of the creation of Doctor Who, which has become a global success since it's return in 2005.

 An Adventure in Space and Time" stars David Bradley as William Hartnell, along with Scottish actor Brian Cox playing Sydney Newman and Jessica Raine playing Verity Lambert, respectively the original creator and producer of the show.

David Bradley as William Hartnell in 'An Adventure in Space and Time' (Photo: BBC AMERICA) 
David Bradley as William Hartnell as The Doctor

 Sacha Dhawan as Waris Hussein and Jessica Raine as Verity Lambert

Brian Cox as Sydney Newman, Head of Drama at the BBC in 1963.

 Jemma Powell and Jamie Glover as Jacqueline Hill and William Russell, who played the First Doctor companions Barbara and Ian.

David Bradley as the brilliant William Hartnell AKA the First Doctor and Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford, who played the Doctor's granddaughter Susan Foreman.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Day Of The Doctor Promo Pics

The BBC have released new promotional pictures from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor - click on the images here for bigger versions. Pictured are David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman and Jemma Redgrave.




Monday, 14 October 2013

'Kill List' director Ben Wheatley to helm 'Doctor Who' episodes

Kill List's Ben Wheatley is to direct two episodes of Doctor Who. The acclaimed filmmaker will helm the first two instalments of the BBC sci-fi drama's eighth series, Screen Daily reports.

 Wheatley will direct the episodes for series eight through December and into the new year for transmission in autumn 2014.

It will see the filmmaker direct Peter Capaldi, the Thick of It star who was confirmed in August to take the role from outgoing Matt Smith.

“I am very excited and honoured to be asked to direct the first two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who. I’ve been a fan since childhood (Tom Baker is my Doctor if you are asking),” 

 “I’ve been watching the current run of Doctor who with my son and have discovered it all over again. The work that has been done is amazing. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter Capaldi and finding out where Steven Moffat is planning to take the new Doctor.” 

Series 34 (8) begins shooting in November and will air in 2014. So Peter Capaldi had hurry up and choose his outfit.

Moffat Explains Origins of John Hurt’s Doctor

Steven Moffat has revealed some details on the origin of John Hurt’s Docto, which has intrigued Whovians since he appeared at the end of the last series episode The Name Of The Doctor.

Speaking to SFX magazine, Moffat said: “Why not a mayfly Doctor, who exists for one show only? I’d often thought about that. Would it be weird in the run of the series to have the 45th Doctor turn up and be played by Johnny Depp or someone? Would that be a cool thing to do?

“There was also the idea that if you could bring one classic Doctor back, you’d actually, impossibly, want it to be William Hartnell. You wouldn’t want any of the others. You’d want him to come and say ‘What in the name of God have I turned into?’ That’s the confrontation that you most want to see, to celebrate 50 years.

“Going round and round in circles on it I just thought ‘What about a Doctor that he never talks about?’ And what if it is a Doctor who’s done something terrible, who’s much deadlier and more serious, who represents that thing that is the undertow in both David and Matt. You know there’s a terrible old man inside them. Well, here he is, facing the children he becomes, as it were.”

Read the rest of this exclusive interview in SFX issue 241 on sale on Wednesday 18 October 2013. 

Steven Moffat on the Doctor's regenerations: "Check your DVDs and count correctly" we go again with Steven Moffat confusing us all again. According to Steven, we’ve miscounted the number of regenerations that the Doctor has undergone.  Speaking at a Radio Times-sponsored event at the Cheltenham Literature Festival (13th October 2013), Steven Moffat revealed his thoughts on the Doctor’s current regeneration situation.

While confirming that the Doctor does indeed have a limit on his regenerations (12, thereby giving him 13 bodies in total). We all know that Matt Smith's is set to regenerate at Christmas into Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor; Moffat indicated that while we think the Eleventh Doctor is the Eleventh Doctor, he actually isn’t.

He can only regenerate 12 times.
"I think you should go back to your DVDs and count correctly this time… there’s something you’ve all missed."

So, what is Steven Moffat going on about? Are we assuming that because we have had 12 actors in the role of the Doctor (including Peter Capaldi and excluding John Hurt's Doctor-Not-Doctor); that the Doctor has undergone 11 regenerations? (will have done come Christmas 2013). 12 Doctors equals 11 regenerations - right? 

Peter Davison believes that the moment has been prepared for: 

“I know people are worried about it, but I think there will be a way around that rule. I know that Steven has put in the groundwork already in an episode so that there can be more.”

What does Peter Davison know that we do not? Could Moffat have planned for this when Professor River Song saved the Eleventh by giving him all of her regeneration energy in Series 6′s Let’s Kill Hitler?
Well let us think on this. We know that William Hartnell regenerated into Patrick Troughton at the end of The Tenth Planet after defeating the Cybermen. However, we never saw Troughton's Doctor regenerate  did we. All we know is that the Time Lords forced his incarnation to change his appearance as part of his punishment when he was exiled to Earth. When next we see the Doctor, he stumbles out of the TARDIS in a wood as Jon Pertwee

Patrick Troughton's forced change of appearance or regeneration? You decide

Which leads us onto Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor. Again, we never got to see a regeneration. Russell T Davies brought Doctor Who back on to our TV screens in March 2005 with Christopher Eccleston in the role as the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor.Because we were told that Eccleston's Doctor was the ninth, we assumed that the Doctor regenerated during or some time after The Last Great Time War

Therefore, if we assume that neither the second nor the eighth incarnation of the Doctor regenerated, that makes Matt Smith's Doctor the ninth. Hopefully, Steven Moffatt will reveal all come the 50th anniversary with the introduction of John Hurt's Doctor-Not-Doctor. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Madame Vastra to return along with Jenny and Strax in 2014 to Scottish publication, the Daily Record, actress Neve McIntosh has revealed that her character, Madame Vastra, will return to Doctor Who next year alongside the new Doctor, and fellow Scot, Peter Capaldi.
Neve McIntosh says she wants the show to get sexed up as it reaches its 50th anniversary.The Silurian and her human partner Jenny Flint – Catrin Stewart – come to the aide of new Time Lord Peter Capaldi.
Steven Moffat has said he is open to giving Vastra her own series. Neve said: “We can do so much in Victorian times, it’s got that steampunk edge to it. Think how freaky that era was with the Elephant Man and all that and just add us into the mix, with time travel and all sorts of weird, wonderful stuff.”
Neve: “It will be sad not to be working with Matt again but I’m really looking forward to Peter taking over and seeing what he does with it. We’ll be helping the Doctor more, but I can’t say anything else.”
Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman begin filming on  the new series of Doctor Who in November 2013.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The One Show - Missing Episodes

BBC One's The One Show featured an article on the recovery of the missing episodes - watch it in the player below. It is presented by Peter Purves who played Steven Taylor during the William Hartnell era.

Friday, 11 October 2013

McGann Would’ve Returned in 2005 gone (5th October 2013), there was a special BFI screening of Doctor Who: The Movie, and according to the panel, the 2005 series could have turned out very different. 

Russell T. Davies successfully brought back Doctor Who to UK screens on 26th March 2005, with the fantastic Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor. The hopeful revival of the show with the 1996 British-Canadian financed TV movie starring the Paul McGann as the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor. But, what if Russell T Davies brought McGann back as the Doctor? How would different would  the revived series have been? Would Paul McGann have returned? It appears that the question has been answered.

When asked at the BFI panel session if he would have resumed the role of the Doctor had RTD approached him, he answered with a “resounding ‘yes’”:
“It was really easy to get into the character of the Doctor, and daunting too.”
He also mentioned during the discussion that he had been prepared to play the part for several years and had imagined portraying the Doctor along the same lines of what Eccleston would eventually do in the revival series, shorter hair and leather jacket in tow! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. For fans of Paul McGann, he has been able to continue playing the role of the Eighth Doctor in the Big Finish Audio adventures. It would be brilliant to see him back in the 50th anniversary special alongside Matt Smith and David Tennant though (one can only dream)

Read more here: Source

9 Missing Episodes of Doctor Who Discovered

Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor in The Web of Fear

It’s been announced that 9 missing episodes of Doctor Who have been discovered. All the episodes are from the Second Doctor’s era and come from two stories – The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear.

The Enemy of the World first aired on BBC One in December, 1967. Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 had been missing from the BBC archives but have now been found which means that a complete version of this classic six-parter now exists.

 The Web of Fear: Part 1

Episodes 2 – 6 of The Web of Fear were feared lost forever but now episodes 2, 4, 5, and 6 have been recovered. This means that now, aside from episode 3, this adventure also exists in its entirety.
Both stories star Patrick Troughton as the Doctor plus Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. The Web of Fear introduces the much-loved character Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (later known as the Brigadier) whilst The Enemy of the World is unique insofar as Patrick Troughton also stars as the story’s main villain – the evil Salamander. 

Source: BBC

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Big Finish announce three new series of Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes 2The BBC has announced that Big Finish are doing more "Dark Eyes" audios, three whole series worth in fact. Starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Ruth Bradley as his companion Molly O'Sullivan (a WWI nurse, and probably something a lot more timey-wimey), the first boxset was popular enough to warrant some serious continuation.

They can be preordered here, with release dates of February 2014, November 2014, and February 2015 respectively. The original series, complete with trailer, is available here

 Dark Eyes tells the story of a Doctor dealing with the loss of his companion, and hunting for new meaning in his life. He finds some solace in the company of Molly O'Sullivan, a voluntary aid detachment First World War nurse, but where will his travels take him next, who will he meet, and what enemies will he be facing?

Dark Eyes 2 
When the Doctor defeated the Dalek Time Controller and its Time Lord ally, the timelines shifted and events changed... but the danger is far from over. And new threats to the continued safety of the universe are emerging.

Molly O'Sullivan carried on with her life as a nursing assistant in World War One. She probably thought she would never see the Doctor in his 'Tardy-box' again...

From the Dalek occupied planet Nixyce VII through Earth's history and to the very edge of the universe, the Doctor's footprints across eternity are being tracked by foes old and new. But when did it all begin and when will it end? Living his life through the complexities of time travel, the Doctor can never be quite sure if he's experiencing his life in the most helpful order. The only certainty appears to be the advance of the powers of evil and the oncoming threat of a fight to the death against forces that would destroy everything the Doctor holds dear.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs, Alan Barnes, Matt Fitton
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs 

Price: £20.00
Available: February 2014

Dark Eyes 3 due November 2014 and Part 4 due out in February 2015.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

BBC to reveal a number of missing Doctor Who episodes

 Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who
A number of early episodes of Doctor Who, which were believed to have been permanently lost, have been returned to the BBC.

BBC Worldwide is expected to confirm the find at a press conference in London later this week.
It follows weeks of speculation that some lost episodes had been located.

A total of 106 episodes featuring the first two actors to play the Doctor, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, are currently missing.

The BBC destroyed many of the sci-fi drama's original transmission tapes in the 1960s and 1970s.
However, the majority of the episodes had been transferred on to film for foreign broadcasters. It is often these prints found in other countries that are the source of retrieved episodes.
Tomb Of The Cybermen

The Tomb Of The Cybermen was recovered more than 20 years ago
In 1991, all four instalments of the Patrick Troughton adventure The Tomb of the Cybermen were discovered in Hong Kong.

The latest find comes as Doctor Who celebrates its 50th birthday. A special episode featuring the current Doctor Matt Smith and his predecessor David Tennant will be shown on the programme's anniversary on 23 November. 

A raft of other programming to celebrate the long-running drama was also recently announced by the BBC.
Details of how fans will be able to watch the recovered episodes are also expected to be revealed later this week.

Source: BBC

Monday, 7 October 2013

Matt Smith for American Psycho The Musical

Out-going Time Lord Matt Smith has been cast as Patrick Bateman in the musical version of American Psycho. Matt commenced rehearsals for the stage adaptation  of Brett Easton Ellis' 1991 novel. The part was originally played by Welsh actor and former Batman Christian Bale in 2000.

The musical is set to preview at London's Almeida Theatre on 3rd December 2013 ahead of the official opening on 12th December 2013; and it's initial run to end on 25th January 2014. Also included in the ensemble cast are Ben Aldridge, Charlie Anson, Jonathan Bailey, Katie Brayben, Cassandra Compton, Holly Dale Spencer, Susannah Fielding, Simon Gregor, Holly James, Lucie Jones, Tom Kay, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Eugene McCoy and Hugh Skinner.

Set design comes from Es Devlin, with costume design by Katrina Lindsay, choreography by Lynne Page, lighting by Jon Clark, musical direction from David Shrubsole, sound by Paul Arditti and video by Finn Ross.

If the musical is a success, there are plans to take it to the West End and Broadway.  The book has been adapted for the stage by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, with music and lyrics by Duncan Sheik. It is directed by Rupert Goold. 

It is not known if the play makes use of the many 1980s songs referenced in the novel by the likes of Huey Lewis and the News and Phil Collins. Tickets are available via the phone (020 7359 4404), online and in person 10am to 7.30pm on Monday to Saturday.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Traffic Experimnent Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] - Collector's Edition cover artTo celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the greatest science fiction drama series that is Doctor Who, Traffic Experiment are releasing  a very limited run of Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme], their reworking of the iconic music, on 10" vinyl. On the B-side, they are including a new original Traffic Experiment track that has been written for our next album, but for now is only exclusively available with this vinyl release.

 10" Vinyl

package image
10" pressing (1 of 500) in classic black pure virgin vinyl, contained in an audiophile anti-static, 100% non-abrasive inner sleeve and full colour printed, premium 300gsm heavy card outer sleeve.

The vinyl features the original release of Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] on the A side, and a brand new, previously unheard Traffic Experiment track on the B side.

Pre-order includes immediate download of 1 track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released. 
Pre-order Now  £6.50 GB
shipping out on or around 23 November 2013 
edition of 400  
Find out more  at their homepage (see link above)

10" Vinyl + signed A2 poster

package image 10" pressing (1 of 500) in classic black pure virgin vinyl, contained in an audiophile anti-static, 100% non-abrasive inner sleeve and full colour printed, premium 300gsm heavy card outer sleeve.

The vinyl features the original release of Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] on the A side, and a brand new, previously unheard Traffic Experiment track on the B side.

The full-colour A2 poster features the artwork from Traffic Experiment's 'Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme]' and is signed by all the band. Note that the poster is shipped separately in a tube to keep it crease-free (not folded and packaged with the vinyl)!

Pre-order includes immediate download of 1 track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

Pre-order Now  £9.50 GBP

shipping out on or around 23 November 2013
edition of 100 

David Tennant sports new ponytail

At first glance it would be easy to believe that David Tennant has somehow been busily growing a luscious mane of brunette locks.

Longer look: David Tennant arrived at the BFI Southbank's Doctor Who At 50 screening with a long brunette ponytail

But the star is in fact sporting hair extensions for his upcoming appearance in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Richard II, as the title character, which opens in two weeks.

The 42-year-old Doctor Who star was spotted arriving at the British Film Institute for a special Doctor Who screening, in honour of the show's 50th anniversary, whilst attempting to cover his new locks with a grey baker boy cap on Sunday.


The fixed extensions, which will be worn loose for his performances, clearly could not be removed by the star, so he has been resigned to go out in public with the mane of hair.

As a result, his new look has caught people's attention with many taking to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the actor's new look.

 @EmyKay13 wrote: 'David, work that ponytail even if you do look ridiculous #werkitbabay #DavidTennant.'

 Ashley Thomas wrote on Twitter: 'I can't deal w/ this whole David Tennant ponytail situation right now. I just want to chop it off. #lessismore.'

Can't hide it: David Tennant greets fans outside the BFI, but unfortunately his baker's cap does not make his new ponytail any more inconspicuous