Monday, 6 April 2009

60's Child

Inside SFX Magazine issue number 182 (officially released next week) producer Peter Bennett talks about the upcoming "Children of Earth" mini-series, and goes into specific detail about what several of the guest characters are up to throughout. Needless to say there's SPOILERS abound, so look away now if you want to remain pure and spoil-free.

"Paul Copley plays Clem. As a child, back in the 60s, Clem escaped a threat from an alien force which may or may not be the same alien force returning [the 456]. He's spent most of his life in and out of psychiatric hospitals because everyone thinks he's doolally, and he's the first person to work out that they're coming back."

Bennet goes on to describe another aspect of the show's arc, "Torchwood is the only surviving body that knows anyhting about the aliens being here before in the '60s, and the government want to cover that up because they didn't share that with the rest of the world. Basically, they release a blank page on Torchwood - that's their way of saying, 'Dispose of them, they never existed!' - and it's the job of Johnson [Liz May Brice] to go and execute that."

Meanwhile, despatched to floor 13 of MI5 headquarters is Peter Capaldi as Mr. Frobisher, "He's a civil servant, and in the words of the Prime Minister, he's 'expendable'. So he's volunteered to go and communicate with this alien threat that's determined to put a stop to the world as we know it."

To catch the rest of Peter Bennent's interview - as well as a ever so slight talk with Eve Myles - make sure you catch SFX#182 out this Wednesday. It's a great issue that also previews the latest Star Trek film, talks to writer Alan Moore and goes behind the scenes of the second run of adventures for BBC One's Ashes to Ashes. Pick it up for £3.99.

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