Sunday, 7 June 2009

Season 31 - To Be Split in 2010 ????

Matt Smith by scifiscoop.
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Rumours are circulating this weekend that the 2010 series of Doctor Who - season 31 in Kasterborous' book - will be split in two by the BBC to accomodate the FIFA World Cup which kicks off Friday June 11th 2010.

By this stage, Doctor Who could conceivably be half way through its run (although it could also be nearing a conclusion) but the speculation on (via Life, Doctor Who and Combom) points to Steven Moffat opting to split the series in two.

If the series took a summer break and returned in October, the run could end with a Christmas special, giving a more realistic 14 episodes that could have the big Christmas finale without breaking into extra valuable BBC One Saturday night programming in the way Doomsday and Journey's End did.

There is another plus side of course - Doctor Who on dark, wet cold Saturday nights in November. Doctor Who as it was always meant to be broadcast - in the dark, in the Winter and getting in your head.

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