Saturday, 1 August 2009

"Change My Dear, And Not A Moment Too Soon!"

Doctor Who Exclusive
Sixth Doctor Regeneration Figure

This set features an exclusive action Figure of the newly regenerated 6th Doctor as played by Colin Baker still wearing the mud splashed outfit of his previous incarnation.

This item appears to be exclusive to Underground Toys and Forbidden Planet.

The TARDIS arrives on Androzani Minor, the source of a life-prolonging drug refined from a substance called Spectrox. Production of the drug is controlled by Sharaz Jek, a madman in self imposed exile, who blames Morgus, a powerful industrialist on Androzani Major, for all his misfortunes.

The two sides are pitched in a convoluted ongoing war which, unknown to Jek, gives Morgus a monopoly of Spectrox on his planet, Major. Jek becomes infatuated with Peri, and saves her and the Doctor from being executed on Morgus’s orders.

However, the two travellers learn that they have contracted spectrox toxaemia, a fatal disease.

The only antidote is the milk from a queen bat, which the Doctor must find in the deep caves on Minor. With moments to spare, the Doctor carries Peri back to the TARDIS, where he gives her all the milk he has collected. She recovers, but the Doctor has to regenerate to save his own life.


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