Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Doctor Who fans hostile to change

THE new Doctor is “something of a pantomime character”, “a looney” and a “half-witted clown”, viewers of Doctor Who have complained to the BBC.

But actor Matt Smith need not worry – the comments come from newly-published BBC Archive documents showing viewers’ hostility to each new face of the Time Lord. The papers, spanning 40-plus years and published online for the first time today, reveal the difficulties of bedding in the new Doctor.

And internal memos show how his first transformation was originally envisaged as a bad LSD trip.

The Doctor first changed physically in 1966 when William Hartnell handed over to Patrick Troughton.

“Once a brilliant but eccentric scientist, he now comes over as a half-witted clown,” said one viewer of Troughton’s new role.

Another told the BBC’s Audience Research Department: “I’m not sure that I really like his portrayal – I feel the part is exaggerated – whimsical even – I keep expecting him to take a great watch out of his pocket and mutter about being late like Alice’s White Rabbit.”

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