Thursday, 1 July 2010

Johnny Depp as The Doctor in Movie??

According to, Johnny Depp is to portray our much loved Time Lord The Doctor, in a movie version to be released in 2012! The script has supposedly been written by Russsell T Davies.

The rumour of an American movie adaptation of the classic British sci-fi series was originally raised when Russell T. Davies and show producer Julie Gardner announced their departure from the BBC revival of the show for Los Angeles in 2008 in order to develop projects for BBC America. Though both were mum on the idea of adapting Doctor Who for American audiences, it was eventually revealed that Torchwood was undergoing that very process.

This would be so wrong! As much as I am a fan of JD, an American can not and should not be allowed to take away the Britishness of our beloved Doctor! It would be a travesty beyond imagination!! NO! NO! NO! NO! So obviously an internet scam jokey thing!

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