Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fourth Doctor with K9 figures announced

This Doctor masked his brilliant and inventive mind behind a façade of bohemian eccentricity. The longest lived incarnation of the Doctors so far, he was forced to change his body after losing a fight with his old enemy the Master and falling from a radio telescope to the ground beneath him…
Doctor Who: Action Figures: Fourth Doctor in Burgundy Outfit & K-9: Warrior's Gate (Product Image)   
£19.99 Available from 30th September 2010

 K-9 from ‘WARRIORS’ GATE’
K-9 is a mobile computer in the shape of a dog. He was constructed by Professor Marinus to be a companion for him whilst working at a medical foundation in deep space. K-9 is both a huge database and has defensive capabIlities, being equipped with a retractable laser in his nose which can be set to stun or kill.

He can integrate with virtually any computer system including the TARDIS and has also helped the Doctor escape many a tricky and dangerous situation.

The Doctor rebuilt K-9 several times, upgrading and improving each version. In this exclusive release we present the Fourth Doctor in his famous season 18 burgundy outfit andfeaturing a stunning new head sculpt. He is accompanied by the trusty K-9.

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