Monday, 27 January 2014

Doctor Who Series 34 Rumours

Doctor Who Anniversary Zone claim this is all from their 'inside source'...

8.1 'The Twelfth Keeper'

The Doctor Battles the clockwork droids in Victorian England whilst also uncovering the truth behind 'Jack the Ripper'. Whilst Clara meets a very familiar face.

8.2 'Across the Stars'

On a scientific way station in the year 3056 Clara and the Doctor uncover a DNA experiment thats about to go very wrong.

8.4 'TBA'

Said to revolve around the assassination of JFK

8.5 'The Cult of Ra'

An Egyptian set episode

8.9 'TBA'

Said to be set on a forest world. Maybe the River song episode

8.10 'The Ghosts of Pompeii'

The Doctor and Clara travel to Pompeii to try and solve the mystery of his latest incarnation. The episode sees the return of the Pyrovile and fan favourite who appears in a cameo.

 Fan-made photoshop (see original posting here)

8.11 'TBA'

The Doctors quest to find Gallifrey is over.

8.12 'Master and Commander'

The return of the Master and consequently the Time lords. Its believed the Master is now the president and will be played by esteemed British actor Charles Dance.

I thought Charles Dance would make a great Master back in 2009 and just made the above picture as part of my Alternate Whoniverse. I even had Peter Capaldi down as the Thirteenth prior to his reveal as the Twelth Doctor (Thirteenth Incarnation)

It will interesting to see how much of the above comes to fruition...

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