Friday, 29 January 2010

New Audio - 'Dead Air'

'Dead Air'- written by James Goss. David Tennant, who played the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who, will be the narrator of the story.


'Hello, I'm the Doctor. And, if you can hear this, then one of us is going to die.'
At the very bottom of the sea, in the wreck of a floating radio station, a lost recording has been discovered. After careful restoration, it is played for the first time - to reveal something truly incredible. It is the voice of the Doctor, broadcasting from Radio Bravo in 1966. He has travelled to Earth in search of the Hush - a terrible weapon that kills, silences and devours anything that makes a noise - and has tracked it to a boat crewed by a team of pirate DJs. With the help of feisty Liverpudlian Layla and some groovy pop music, he must trap the Hush and destroy it - before it can escape and destroy the world...

Date for release is the 4th March at £8.99. Dead Air will have an approximate running time of sixty minute

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