Friday, 8 January 2010

William Hartnell (1908-1975)

Today, marks what would've been William Hartnell's 102nd Birthday! Which is but a mere child's age for a Time Lord.

William Hartnell Picture Gallery

Best known as the First Doctor (1963-1966) and reprising the role in 1973's The Three Doctors with Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee (2nd & 3rd Doctors). Due to ill health, Hartnell was shown only in pre-recorded film inserts.

William Hartnell Picture GalleryWilliam Hartnell Picture Gallery

To many, Mr Hartnell’s Doctor Who character was a “grumpy grandfather” figure, but he described himself in the role as: “A cross between The Wizard of Oz and Father Christmas.” 23rd April 1975 Hartnell died peacefully in his sleep of heart failure after sufering a series of strokes brought on from cerebrovascular disease
Team TARDIS- 01

Ian Chesterton - William Russell
Barbara Wright - Jaquline Hill
Susan Foreman -Carole Ann Ford


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