Sunday, 28 March 2010

Happy Birthday!
Gareth David-Lloyd
29 years old today

Born Gareth David Lloyd in Bettws, Newport, Wales. His first acting role was as a robot in a junior school play. As a teenager, David-Lloyd joined the Gwent Young People's Theatre in Abergavenny and The Dolman Youth Theatre in Newport, where he was a contemporary of the actor Matthew Woodyatt and the singer Nia Lynn. While there, he appeared in several plays, including Macbeth, The Threepenny Opera and HenryV in which he played the title role. When former Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock saw the young David-Lloyd performing at Monmouth Castle, he sent him £250 to use towards his acting career.

Gareth is best known for his role of Ianto Jones in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. 2009 series three - Children of Earth which ran over 5 nights instead of the usually 13 weeks, saw Ianto Jones killed by a poisonous gas by the aliens known only as the 456.

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