Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm - born 22nd March 1950, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. She is best known for her part as the first incarnation of Romanadvortrelundar (Romana), companion of Tom Baker's Doctor in the 1978/9 Serial - The Key To Time.

Tamm was not initially interested in playing a companion to the Doctor as she believed that the role was merely that of the "damsel in distress". However, she changed her mind when assured by the producers that Romana would be different. Romana was a Time Lady, a member of the Doctor's own people and therefore as capable as the Doctor. She left the programme after only one season as she felt that the character had reverted to the traditional assistant role and could not be developed further. The role of Romana was assumed by Lalla Ward. In a 2007 interview, Tamm stated that she was willing to film a regeneration sequence to allow a smooth transition between her tenure and that of Ward, but was not invited to do so.


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