Thursday, 11 October 2012

P.S. What Happened to Brian and the Ponds?

The BBC has revealed that a special Pond scene will premiere online tomorrow. The article states “we’ll discover more about Brian and the Ponds, post-Angels”.
More details:
Would Brian – and viewers – ever learn more about Amy and Rory’s life after the Doctor?
A special scene was written by Chris Chibnall that revealed some of the answers but sadly, the sequence was never shot. However, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be bringing you the scene tomorrow. Using animated storyboards and a voice-over specially recorded by Arthur Darvill, we’ll discover more about Brian and the Ponds, post-Angels.
 Arthur Darvill

It begins with Brian alone, doing what he once told the Doctor must be done – watering the plants. But his life is about to change forever…
Doctor Who’s Executive Producer, Caro Skinner, said, ‘We’re delighted we can present this lovely scene written by Chris Chibnall. People took Rory’s dad, Brian, to their hearts very quickly, so it’s fitting we can give the character a degree of closure in this poignant piece.’
P.S. is a short video written by Chris Chibnall and will be essential viewing for anyone who wants to know more about what happened to Brian, Amy and Rory. It will be available to watch on this site tomorrow, Friday, 12th October.

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