Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Doctor Who New Titles New Era

The much anticipated Doctor Who Christmas special hit UK screens at 5:15pm this evening. In a previous post was mentioned the new look TARDIS and and brand new title sequence and updated theme to coincide with the forthcoming 50th anniversary. Niether disappointed in my opinion. 

What many fans from the classic era of the show hoped to see one day came to be; the face of the Doctor himself in the opening title sequence. What a surprise and joy I and my family had when we saw the face of Matt Smith appear behind the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman. Excited doesn't come close. Taken seven years for the return but worth the wait.

Below is the opening sequence: 


As for the epsiode itself, Steven Moffat excelled himself this year I thought. It blew last year's The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe out of the water. It had laughter, sadness, excitement and intrigue. We got to know a bit more about Oswin and Clara. 2013 sees Series 33 untangle the mystery of Clara Oswald.

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