Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Doctor & New TARDIS Console Room

The BBC have released a publicity shot of Matt Smith in the all re-designed TARDIS by Michael Pickwoad, and here it is.....


I am not sure on the new design myself. I guess I iwll have to see it on the screen to get a better idea of it.

It does hark back to the classic series; and with the 50th anniversary next year, perhaps that was the brief behind the revamp (?)

 "I thought we'd been getting progressively whimsical with the interior of the TARDIS," Moffat said at a screening of the episode last night

"I started to think, 'Well, why is that? It's not a magical place. It's actually a machine'. And actually potentially, as you'll see more spectacularly later, quite a scary place sometimes. We make a lot of use of that."

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