Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Happy birthday Doctor & Ace

The Doctor and Dorothy 'Ace' McShane aka Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred both have birthdays today. McCoy is 70 and Aldred is 51. 

Sylvester was born Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith on 20th August 1943 in Dunoon, Scotland. He had numerous on stage and TV roles before landing the part of the seventh incarnation of the Doctor replacing Colin Baker.

Sophie Aldred was born in Greenwich, England on 20th August 1962. Aldred was cast as Dorothy 'Ace' McShane in 1987 replacing Bonnie Langford as the Doctor's companion. 

Sylvester and Sophie's on-screen appearances as The Doctor and Ace spanned 9 episodes from 1987 - 1989. Ace first appeared in Dragonfire and her final appearance in Survival  as she and The Doctor walked off back to the TARDIS. 

Doctor Who was cancelled by Jonathan Powell who replaced Michael Grade as BBC1 Controller; and had utter contempt for then Doctor Who producer / head writer John Nathan-Turner. 

The pair have continued with their Doctor Who roles with Big Finish Audio.

Final scene of Survival with voice over from Sylvester McCoy which was recorded on 23rd November 1989.

And, if a double Doctor Who birthday was something special; today would have been the 81st birthday of The Master Anthony Ainsley (20th August 1932- 3rd May 2004).

The Master and the Doctor bid their farewells in Survival

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