Friday, 11 October 2013

McGann Would’ve Returned in 2005 gone (5th October 2013), there was a special BFI screening of Doctor Who: The Movie, and according to the panel, the 2005 series could have turned out very different. 

Russell T. Davies successfully brought back Doctor Who to UK screens on 26th March 2005, with the fantastic Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor. The hopeful revival of the show with the 1996 British-Canadian financed TV movie starring the Paul McGann as the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor. But, what if Russell T Davies brought McGann back as the Doctor? How would different would  the revived series have been? Would Paul McGann have returned? It appears that the question has been answered.

When asked at the BFI panel session if he would have resumed the role of the Doctor had RTD approached him, he answered with a “resounding ‘yes’”:
“It was really easy to get into the character of the Doctor, and daunting too.”
He also mentioned during the discussion that he had been prepared to play the part for several years and had imagined portraying the Doctor along the same lines of what Eccleston would eventually do in the revival series, shorter hair and leather jacket in tow! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. For fans of Paul McGann, he has been able to continue playing the role of the Eighth Doctor in the Big Finish Audio adventures. It would be brilliant to see him back in the 50th anniversary special alongside Matt Smith and David Tennant though (one can only dream)

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