Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Eighth / War Doctor Regeneration 5" Figure

The ‘Other Doctor’ is the Doctor’s dark chapter, an _hitherto unknown incarnation whose existence he has spent centuries repressing, a secret he wants no one to know of. He is a relic of the past, part of the great Time War, when he spent centuries fighting alongside his fellow Time Lords against the Daleks and made the final decision to end it with a desperate act that cost that incarnation the right to use the name “Doctor”. 

This haunted and battle-worn Other Doctor is finally forgiven after helping find a new solution to end the war, giving the Eleventh Doctor a new purpose as he heads into further adventures.

The Other Doctor Action Figure.
The Other Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Accessory.
The Moment Accessory.
The Eighth Doctor alternate head

Price: £14.99
Available from 28th February 2014
Forbidden Planet 

There is an issue I have with this release is, the (Ninth) War Doctor never wore the same outfit as worn by Paul McGann as the Eighth. If anything, the changeable head should be that of Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor. However, it is is fantastic that McGann is being recognised with this release. We just need an updated Eighth Doctor figures - the Big Finish Dark Eyes and The Night Of The Doctor ones. Maybe we will get them (?)

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