Thursday, 23 July 2015

Peter Capaldi tease the possible return of Gallifrey

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez - Missy, aka the Master, and Doctor Who showrunner Moffat offered up some interesting tidbits to io9 during San Diego Comic-Con concerning the Time Lord's homeworld ... Gallifrey. Could we see its return in Series 35 or 36? 
Image result for peter capaldi san diego comic conIt was revealed in the 2013 50th anniversary that Gallifrey is safe and in a pocket universe, thanks to the Doctor (in all his regenerations).

During the carpet interview, Capaldi talked about how determined the Doctor actually is to find his homeworld and said:

"I think he does absolutely want to find Gallifrey. It’s a duty. In some ways, the Doctor is quite an old-fashioned character. He does have a recognition of duties and loyalties, but these are things that are deep-set in him. I don’t think he’ll ever feel satisfied that Gallifrey is safe until he finds it. And of course, he is still riven with guilt about what he’s put Gallifrey through."

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