Thursday, 18 December 2008

TND Press Launch

'The Next Doctor' had it's press launch earlier today. David Tenant was unable to attend the launch as he is still in recovery from his operation. He should be recovered to commence filming by the 19th January 2009.

RTD: "We will be very careful with him, the problem has been fixed but we don't think we'll have swinging from any wires on his first day back." He also confirmed that the first of 2009's four specials will be filmed abroad, "It's gonna be quite exotic, but we've got 4 days filming abroad, to give it a bit of size and a new feel to it". RTD said that each special will feature a new companion and that he would be writing David Tennant's final 2 stories which will be broadcast at the end of 2009, saying, "The big climax is mine, all mine!"

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