Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Robert Carlyle: New Show! No Who? / 11th Doctor Anouncement Soon??

Fans of Robert Carlyle will be over the moon to hear that he has landed the lead role in a new Stargate spin off series to be called Stargate Universe in which he plays Dr David Rush - the leader of a team of survivors who flee through a Stargate when their base is attacked. The show will revolve around them finding themselves on an alien starship and trying to unravel its secrets as they try to return home to earth.

The Daily Record quotes Mark Stern of the Sci-Fi Channel who commissioned this 3rd outing in the Stargate franchise (following Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis)

"Robert Carlyle brings a depth, intelligence and complexity to his roles which will fit perfectly with the fresh, new reinvention of the franchise."

The series will start filming in February 2009 to begin transmission in the summer of 2009 which really precludes any appearance in Doctor Who for 2010. Ah, well. Maybe we'll hear this week about just who the 11th Doctor will be...?

11th Doctor Announcement Imminent?

The Glasgow Evening Times goes further with the Robert Carlyle story claiming that an announcement will be made on Thursday of this week concerning the hotly anticipated casting of the 11th Doctor.

OK, so there's no "source close to the show" quote so we need to be taking the news with a large pinch of salt... but it does coincide with what has traditionally been the press launch of the Christmas special - exactly one week before its shown.

So, this would be an excellent platform from which to make the announcement. If it doesn't happen this week, then I would humbly suggest it would most likely be near to the transmission of the first of the specials for 2009 around Easter time.

(Simon R. Mills

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