Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Peter Purves

Peter Purves appeared in 44 episodes of Doctor Who and all were with William Hartnell's Doctor. He joined the cast in 1965 as Morton Dill in a one appearance butb soon had the opportunity to become a full cast member as Steven Taylor, appearing in the following serials;

The Time Medler
Galaxy 4
The Myth Makers
The Ark
The Massacre
The Dalek Masterplan
The Gunfighters
The Celestrial Toumaker
The Savages

Peter left the series in June 1966 and replaced Blue Peter presenter Christopher Trace.in 1967 .He stayed with the show for 10 years, although he originally meant to be a stop-fill of 6 months.

On set with John and Valerie
With fellow Blue Peter presents Valerie Singleton and John Noakes.

For more information on Peter Purves, go here

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