Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Return Of The Mechanical Dog

K-9 by Mickelodeon.

K-9 will be returning full-time for the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine CBBC & BBC One later this year.

"We've already got 10 scripts at first draft stage, and I can now announce that K-9 is going to make a return to Sarah Jane's attic!" producer Nikki Smith told the magazine. "He's been locked away in that safe, saving the world from a Black Hole, for far too long now. And he's so loved, especially by children, that we wanted him back. Many thanks to his co-creator, Bob Baker, and the estate of the late Dave Martin for allowing this to happen."

She added: "K-9 won't be in every single episode - right now, we estimate he'll appear in approximately six of the 12 episodes. And I can promise that the fun is only just beginning - just wait until he gets to meet Mr Smith properly!"

Source: Whoviannet

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