Monday, 9 February 2009

New Doctor Matt working with Steven Moffat to define character.

Matt Smith who will play Doctor Who

Following David Tennant's decision to step down at the end of 2009, the team behind Series Five of Doctor Who decided to cast Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith quickly, so that new adventures could be created and scripts written with him in mind.

"The script is where it starts", Matt revealed in a new interview Doctor Who Magazine. "It's always about the words, and luckily we're in the hands of Steven Moffat [Doctor Who's incoming Head Writer], who has this show ingrained in his soul and searing through his blood. It's really born into his whole fabric - and that's the job for me over the next few months, to make this show part of my fibre."

"I think Steven is going to be the main creative source for me, and we're going to discover it together - who the Doctor is in Steven's mind and words, coupled with pockets of my personality, my history, my life, and the man and the human being that I am. I've got a meeting with Piers [Wenger, executive producer] next week to discuss that, but I think we'll start rehearsing and, you know, just sit around Piers' or Steven's kitchen table, read the scripts together, talk about the part. We'll talk about my intentions, their intentions, how we feel it can fly, and sing, and be as brilliant and as Doctor-y and as excellent as it can be."

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