Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pond Life

 Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the Ponds (© BBC)

Pond Life is the new mini-adventure featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory and some surprise familiar faces! It picks up the story of the Ponds and follows their lives in the way that only Doctor Who can, culminating in a cliff-hanger that leads us into Asylum of the Daleks.

Directed by Saul Metzstein (Dinosaurs on Spaceship/A Town Called Mercy), the first part of Pond Life will premiere on this site at noon on Monday (27 August). Part 2 – 5 will be released daily at noon throughout the rest of the week and the omnibus edition will be available online and on the BBC’s Red Button on Saturday, 1 September – the day that the new series returns with Asylum of the Daleks!
Pond Life’s writer, Chris Chibnall (42, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood) commented, ‘It opens with the Ponds at home and gives us an insight in to just what happens when the Doctor drops in and out of their lives,’ and  Caroline Skinner, Executive Producer, described it as ‘beautiful, heartfelt and wickedly funny… a truly heart-warming piece about our best-loved companions and their madcap relationship with their raggedy Doctor.

Doctor Who returns to BBC ONE & BBC ONE HD on 1st September 2012 at 19.20

Source: BBC 

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