Friday, 31 August 2012

Updated Logo For asylum Of The Daleks

The official Doctor Who site has updated their logo ready for the new series on BBC One & BBC ONE HD which airs at 19:20

  Here’s what to expect for Series 33 (7)

The new intro starts the same with the TARDIS flying through the vortex. However, the vortex is a different colour. It now has more of a green tint to it (like in Pond Life).

The first really noticeable change is the cast credits. The font is completely different and they are now plain white. The way they transition in and out has also changed. They no longer “whoosh” in, it’s more of a ripple effect.

The other big change is the actual “Doctor Who” title. This is specifically themed to each episode. The “DW” TARDIS icon has now been removed. The Doctor Who part now fades into the TARDIS icon and then it spins like usual.

The final change is the “Written by” credit which is now black text."

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