Thursday, 20 September 2012

Amelia Pond

Amelia Jessica Pond (played by Caitlin Blackwood cousin of Karen Gillan 'Amy Pond')

Whilst praying to Santa, at Easter, for help relating to a crack in her wall, seven year old Amelia looks out of her bedroom window to see a Police Box in her garden where the she once was. She grabs a torch and heads out in to the garden towards the smoking Police Box. The doors fly open, a hook attached to a long piece of rope shoots out of the box and lands mere feet away from her.  Suddenly, a wet head of a strange man pops out over the top and asks for an apple, before falling out and onto the lawn. Inquiring why he is wet, the man tells her that he was in the library and the swimming pool was in the library.

The man stands up and a breath of regenerative energy emerges from his mouth, "Does it scare you?" he asks. "No", replies Amelia, "Just looks a bit weird". "No, the crack in your wall?"  He stands up, introduces himself as the Doctor, tells her to do exactly what he tells her, turns round and walks head bang in to a tree. 

They both go in to the house where Amelia gives the Doctor an apple, which he spits out, "Disgusting. What is that?"  "An apple" she replies, "I don't like apples" "Thought you said you liked apples" "New mouth, new rules. Give me something else. You're Scottish, fry something" . Amelia fries some bacon, which the Doctor spits, she cooks some beans, again to the Doctor's dislike, bread and butter - he trows it out of the front door, "And don't come back", he says. Eventually, the Doctor settles on Fish Fingers and Custard. He asks her her name, "Amelia Pond" she replies. "Amelia Po-nd. Like a name in a fairytale".

When the Doctor asks about her mum and dad, assuming they would've awoken them by now, Amelia reveals that she doesn't have any parents just an aunt but she is out. Then the Cloister bell bellows and the Doctor runs out to the garden followed by Amelia. He tells her to wait and he will be back in five minutes as he attempts to save the TARDIS from dying. Amelia goes and packs a suitcase and waits in the garden for the Doctor's return....which does not come again that night.......

To be continued....

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