Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Angel's Kiss E-Book

BBC Books are to release 'The Angel's Kiss' By Melody Malone as seen in the Series 33 (7) mid series finalé 'The Angel's Take Manhattan' and will be available as an e-book from 4th October 2012.

From the synopsis:

“On some days, New York is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

“This was one of the other days…

“Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency, has an unexpected caller. It’s movie star Rock Railton, and he thinks someone is out to kill him. When he mentions the ‘kiss of the Angel’, she takes the case. Angels are Melody’s business…

“At the press party for Railton’s latest movie, studio owner Max Kliener invites Melody to the film set of their next blockbuster. He’s obviously spotted her potential, and Melody is flattered when Kliener asks her to become a star. But the cost of fame, she’ll soon discover, is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.

“Will Melody be able to escape Kliener’s dastardly plan – before the Angels take Manhattan?”

 The last page from the Melody Malone Detective Novel 'The Angel's Kiss written by Amelia Pond. The Doctor never reads the final page because the story never ends....

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