Saturday, 27 April 2013

Eve Myles - In new BBC drama 'Frankie'

Eve Myles returns to our screens in a  new BBC drama, where she will play the lead character 'Frankie', a nurse from Bristol.

The six-part series, written by Lucy Gannon (Dad, The Best of Men), sees Frankie, a nurse living in Bristol who cares more for her patients than her own personal life.

Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless, Doctor Who) will play Frankie's boyfriend Ian, while Derek Riddell (Ugly Betty) will star as her team member and confidant Andy.

"This is an incredible leading part for a female," said Myles. "It's tremendous pressure but also tremendously exciting. I can't wait to step into Frankie's shoes and get on set. I'm desperate to start.

"Frankie is an infectious character, she's electric, quirky, wonderful at her job and adapts to every situation. She's a vibrant woman trying to live life in the fast lane and juggle a job. Lucy Gannon is an incredible writer and writes relationships so beautifully."
Gannon herself added: "I'm thrilled to be writing about strong modern people, people you and I might know, in our real life communities, a team of lively, varied people who all - whatever their flaws - are determined to make a difference, to make life better."

Julia Ford (News Tricks), Leila Mimmack (Inside Men) and Carla Henry (New Street Law) will also star in Frankie, which is currently filming in Bristol and will air on BBC One in May 2013.
 As Gwen (Cooper) Williams) in Torchwood:Miracle Day
Eve Myles on Torchwood:
"Torchowood could return  now or... in twenty years time".
 "It would be great to come back for a fifth series," she acknowledged. "But it's still there - it's still bubbling away.

"If it has ended in Hollywood with Miracle Day, well, then we came from BBC Three to BBC Two to BBC One to Hollywood - that's a drama in itself. Wonderful experience, wonderful memories."

Myles confirmed that she has heard nothing about a potential fifth series, but added that she is eager to reprise her role of Gwen Cooper.

"When Russell is ready, if he is ever ready, then he's got people who love and adore it just as much as he does," she said.
"It would be great if it did go out with a great bang, as it were, and we got our nice little movie. But who knows? It’s one of those things – it’s a creature that changes format every time it comes back. It might come back as a Christmas special, you don’t know. It could happen now or it could happen in twenty years time. If it pops its little head up again, I’m sure we’ll be back".

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