Thursday, 25 April 2013


Doctor Who Regeneration DVD collector's set

Regeneration: a limited edition collector's book; including over 1000 minutes of Doctor Who adventures on DVD which will be released in June.

The Doctor Who Regeneration set is individually numbered, beautifullyn packaged coffee table album includuing six DVDs of Doctor Who adventures - Peter Davison adventures Caves Of Androzani and David Tennant finalé, plus an advance release of William Hartnell's adventure and swan song The Tenth Planet.

The disc set comes with superb photographs and detailed informative accounts of each of the Doctor's regenerations from William Hartnell regenerating at the end of The Tenth Planet after battling the Cybermen, Jone Pertwee regeneerating after suffering radiation poisoning released by The Great One on Metabellis III in The  Planet Of The Spiders; through to the first explosive regeneration from the new series run of Christopher Eccleston The Parting Of The Ways and David Tennant's sad farewell in The End Of Time (Part Two)

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William Hartnell's final adventure The Tenth Planet is brought to DVD for the first time with the animation of lost scenes. 

Full list of epsiodes:

The Tenth Planet
The War Games
Planet of The Spiders
Caves Of Androzani
Time And The Rani
Doctor Who - The Movie
Parting Of The ways

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