Sunday, 19 May 2013

Smith & Tennant Interview

The BBC have released an interview with both Math Smith and David Tennant; discussing how their incarnations of the Doctor interact with each other in the upcoming 50th anniversary.The interview was released as a thank you to the fans who didn't release any spoilers; following the early release of Series 33(7) Part 2 on blu-ray, at the start of the week in America.


Moffat's surprises keep on a coming. At the end of the finalé to Series 33(7), we saw the Doctor go into his own timestream to bring back the impossible girl, Clara. We got to see his past lives and the Doctor that once was, is, and could be? The introduction of the character to be played by the wonderful actor who is John Hurt in the 50th anniversary.

The following 6 months are going to be a long haul. Excitrd much?

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