Friday, 7 June 2013

Rumour is rife that the Twelth DOCTOR IS ....

Rumour is circulating this evening that the BBC WILL reveal who is to take over from Matt Smith who departs this Christmas. Apparently, their hand has been forced, and are to unveil the Twelth Doctor ahead of their intended date next month. Specualtion has it that the BBC have already gone ahead with the photoshoot with the actor.

And the actor who is set to be handed the key to the TARDIS is ......

 No sooner had the news broke,  Saturday 1st June 2013, that Matt Smith had decided to hand in the TARDIS key, that a a fan put this superb image together. Link

Ben Daniels is The Twelfth Doctor

However, the BBC have yet to confirm.

Ben Daniels, 48, would be the eldest actor to portray the Doctor since Sylvester McCoy who was  44 when he became the Seventh Doctor.

Ben Daniels was born 10th June 1964, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England.

Daniels' roles include:  Wish you Were Here (1988),  The Paradise Club (1989), Cutting It (itv 2002-2004), Ian Flemming:Bondmaker (Ian Flemming, 2005), Law &Order UK (2009-2010) and most recently in Merlin (2011) and can be seen in the ilm Jack The Giant Slayer (2013).

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