Friday, 7 June 2013

Samual West wants to be the Doctor

Speaking to the Radio Times, Samual West has put his name forward to play the twelth incarnation of the Doctor.

Ever since Matt Smith announced his plans to depart Doctor Who this Christmas his successor has been the subject of wild speculation. Will it be a woman? Will we see our first black Doctor? Will it be Simon Cowell? (If you're inclined to bet on the latter, his odds are currently 250/1). But one actor whose name hasn't been among the favourites is Samuel West - until now... 

Speaking to on the set of series two of Mr Selfridge, the actor revealed his lifelong ambition to play the Time Lord. "If you’re asking whether I’d like to play Doctor Who, I absolutely would. I’ve always wanted to playDoctor Who. Hamlet and Doctor Who - and I’ve done Hamlet."  

So why does West think he should win a role that's been immortalised by the likes of William Hartnell, Colin Baker, David Tennant and, most recently, Smith? "They can’t go on getting younger forever. Every Doctor Who, almost without exception, has been younger than the previous one. Eventually we’ll just have this glittering foetus – that’s not going to work.

Age aside, West also has a few opinions on the type of Doctor he would be, given the chance. "I think he should be slightly other. I remember when I first started watching it he was a little bit like a frightening grandfather and I don’t want to be a grandfather but I don’t think he should be cuddly. 'Other' is the word, he should be a bit 'other'." 

my opinion on Samual West as a contender: I can see him in the role to be fair. Mind you, he does remind me a tad of Colin Baker though. We will soon find out come July ....

If they do go older this time, what about Steven MacKintosh? At 46, he is 2 years older than Patrick Troughton when he replaced William Hartnell. He is very versitile, and his roles have varied from playing a trans-woman in Different For Girls (1996), a vampire in Underworld: Evolution & Rise Of The lycans to tv roles such as Luther, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard and the upcoming tv series What Remains.

However, I can not see either of these two great actors being chosen, more's the pity. July can not come soon enough. I need to know who is next in line ....

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