Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas special title revealed(?)

This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, is apparently called The Time Of The Doctor. The episode will be the swan song of current Doctor Matt Smith, as he regenerates into Peter Capaldi.

Bleeding Cool have seen what is to be the outline of the special, and as we all know, there are spoilers and there are spoilers. Take the following with a pinch of salt…

A bell tolls across the Universe. Many are afraid, The Doctor and Clara are… curious.

You will come to Christmas Town, a place of peace, welcomed by Rob Jarvis and Tessa Peake-Jones.
You will come to Trenzalore, a planet of war.
You will find out where Gallifrey went.
You will discover what the Silence are.
You will see who the voice in the TARDIS was.
The episode will be nine hundred years long.

There will be Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. Some of them will be wooden. So will The Doctor.
He always has Handles. And grab hold, as you will find out what the hell that crack in space and time actually was. Because The Time Of The Doctor will be going right back to The Eleventh Hour.

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