Monday, 11 November 2013

Jenna-Louise Coleman - "Matt's Regeneration is sad but perfect"

Jenna ColemanIn an interview with the Guardian, Jenna Coleman has described Matt Smith’s regeneration as "perfect" in his final episode this Christmas:
“I was an absolute mess, an absolute wreck. But it’s good; it’s sad, but it’s what needs to happen. It’s perfect.”

Coleman admitted she held back from reading the script as long as possible: 

"I just read the script the other night," says Coleman. "I'd been putting it off for ages and ages, because once you read the last page, that's it, the story is over. So I read 10 pages on the tube and I stopped, and then I picked it up again the other day and finished it. I was an absolute mess, an absolute wreck. But it's good; it's sad, but it's what needs to happen. It's perfect."

On the casting of  Peter Capaldi to replace Matt Smith: 
They told me and Matt when Prince Charles and Camilla came to the set. We were both: ‘Ahhh, of course.’ It takes you a few moments – I don’t think he was on any of the original lists. People were talking about Rory Kinnear and people like that, but as soon as you say it, you’re like: ‘Of course.’ As Steven Moffat said: ‘He’s the Doctor.’ And it’s brilliant that we’ve gone so different from Matt.”

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