Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures Airdate Confirmed....

It has been confirmed that the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air on BBC One from Monday 29th September 2008.

The series will open with The Last Sontaran, and as the title suggests, the two-parter will feature the classic monsters (or monster, as the case may be this time), last seen on our screens earlier this year in the fourth series of Doctor Who.

But it's all change this time round for Sarah Jane & co, as Maria Jackson and her dad say goodbye to Bannerman Road and head off for a new life abroad, but fear not, because her position will be filled by newcomer Anjli Mohindra, who will play Rani Chandra.

This series promises to be the biggest yet, with the pesky Graske also scheduled to make another appearance, as well as Samantha Bond, who will be reprising her popular role of Mrs Wormwood from Invasion of the Bane.

Also, by the time it finishes, it'll only be a matter of days until this year's Christmas special of Doctor Who, so at least we've now got something to pass the time!

Behind the scenes of Series 2

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