Thursday, 4 September 2008

SJA Website Upgraded

With Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures almost upon us, the show's official website has just been been upgraded.

Highlights of the dynamic new site include:

  1. Interactive hotspots - explore the site for bonus content that brings Sarah Jane's attic to life.
  2. A new video section featuring all the latest Sarah Jane Adventures videos. When episodes are available on BBC iPlayer you can view them in full on the website. Series 2 videos will now include subtitles.
  3. Mr Smith has had a reboot; login for the latest character profiles and investigate his alien files and data update videos.
  4. Sarah Jane's alien object inspection table now has a new drawer to quickly access the latest object fact files.
  5. From Deffry Vale to Davros, explore Sarah Jane's archive of past adventures.

When the new series returns to TV soon, you'll be able to discover hidden extras, such as bonus video clips, audio downloads and pc/mobile wallpapers will be hidden around the site for viewers to find.

Also, look out for a brand new Sarah Jane Adventures game that will be launched for Series 2.

Follow the link below to discover more.

Series 2 kicks off on 29th September 2008 BBC1

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