Friday, 31 October 2008

David Morrisey - Doctor

How about this, created by Polonius - a forum member on Digital-Spy, who has also written a 13 part story arc for 2010.

The new run launches with a new Doctor - played by David Morrissey - who is utterly alone and companion-less following the events of the 2009 specials until he runs into none other than Sally Sparrow, the eleventh doctor's first companion.

The season revolves around a new arc of weather and the Master's return along with his army of Sea Devils, Sky Lords and Toclafane.
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S5 - 01 - RAIN MAN
[Part 1] The Doctor wakes on the Tardis floor following his shock regeneration and the depatures of his closest friends. He tries to gather himself but finds the Tardis is soon in uncontrollable flight. Clinging for dear life, it soon becomes clear he's needed. The MET Office cannot explain the sudden sheer speed of rising sea levels, and while the masses blame the government and global warming, the Doctor notices something out at sea...

[Part 2] With no one to turn to as the extent of the Sea Devils' dominance grows clear, the Doctor runs into an old friend. But how can Sally Sparrow help him stop his foes from submerging Europe?

You read the rest of the synopsis here

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