Thursday, 13 August 2015

BBC airs lesbian lizard ‘Doctor Who’ wedding

A CBBC (Children's BBC)  show has featured a same-sex wedding – featuring a rather scaly bride.

Parents and partners of 15 years, Julie and Amanda, were in for a shock when they signed up for the children’s reality TV show – Marrying Mum and Dad. The episode airing this week featured the couple from West Yorkshire, who were also one of the show’s first same-sex couples to tie the knot on the show. The show is similar to ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ – but instead features a couple trusting their children to be left to plan their wedding – which rarely results in a traditional wedding. 

Modelled around fictional couple from the Doctor Who universe, Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint – a Silurian lizard warrior and her Victorian wife – the couple got hitched in “cosmic costumes”.
Mum Julie said: “[It’s] a bit worrying as to what they might actually put in.”

Rory (8) and Louis (9) gave exactly what the Doctor ordered, completely Who-ifying every aspect of the wedding – including the cake, the venue, the transport (TARDIS of course) and the entertainment. 

The day’s entertainment included a ‘voyage’ in the TARDIS and also a special surprise for the newlyweds. The kids organised a “wedding day slime walk” which they point out “could get messy”.

 Not seeing each other get ready – the two brides were definitely in for a surprise.

Dr Who

15 years since they first met, and all thanks to their kids, at last Mum and Mum are married” .
The daughter explained: “I’m really happy as it makes more of a family and it means a lot to me.”


Mum Amanda described the day as, “Fantastic. Unbelievable. Out of this world.

Son Rory voices the opinion of everyone: “The best bit of today was probably when Mummy got stuck in the alien goo and Mum had to lift her up.”
 The big day was apparently “the best in all of time and space!

Source: Pink News

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