Thursday, 6 August 2015

Doctor Who Rumours: new report says "no full series in 2016"

Private Eye is reporting that Steven Moffat's Sherlock commitments mean we won't get a full Doctor Who series 10 in 2016.
The new issue (which is on sale now), in its Media News section, is now reporting that BBC staff "have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat's commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016". The magazine does not say who has done the actual informing, though.

 Den Of Geek reached out to the BBC for an official word on this. A spokeperson confirmed that "it's too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point. We're all excited for the new series that starts on the 19th of September".

It's known that a full fourth series of Sherlock is going into production in 2016, but Moffat has juggled his two shows before. That said, it's not without precedent that Doctor Who has a lighter year, with a few specials rather than a full 12 or 13 episode series.

Private Eye's website is here.

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