Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bethany Black & Reece Shearsmith cast in Series 35 (9)

Actor, comedian and award winning writer Reece Shearsmith joins Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) as he takes-up a guest role in a special episode of Doctor Who, returning to BBC One this September.
Reece has previously played Patrick Troughton in a docu-drama about the conception and making of Doctor Who, An Adventure In Space And Time, and returns to Cardiff for a part in an adventure written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Justin Molotnikov and produced by Nikki Wilson.

 “I am absolutely thrilled to be filming Doctor Who, as Mark Gatiss has written a fantastic role for me in a very scary episode. It has been so exciting to be part of a very singular episode - which, I can say with authority will be unlike any previous episode of Doctor Who. It’s a joy to play a part in the show - certainly a badge of honour.”
 Publicity shot for An Adventure In Time And Space Reece as Patrick Troughton 
with David Bradley as William Hartnell & Mark Gatiss as Jon Pertwee

Mark Gatiss (fellow League Of Gentlemen) and writer of the episode, adds: “I’m delighted to be writing again for Peter and Jenna’s brilliant TARDIS team and very excited about this particular story. It’s been brewing in the dark recesses of my mind for a while now! I’m also chuffed to bits to finally welcome my old friend Reece Shearsmith onto the show. He’s been badgering me for ten years!”

Watch Reece Shearsmith talk about being cast in Doctor Who here

Bethany Black has revealed she will appear in Doctor WhoAnother name added to the cast of Series 9 of Doctor Who is Channel 4's Cucumber and Banana actress Bethany Black. Both shows were written by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies.

After the announcement, Bethany Black took to her  Facebook fan page to celebrate the news with her fans, posting an image of her beside the TARDIS, and even wrote:

‘Now to sit back and wait until the Daily Mail realises the BBC have cast an openly trans lesbian in a  family show.

 So... Yeah... I got cast in Doctor Who

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