Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fourth Doctor TARDIS console at Britishfest 2014

Have you ever wanted to fly the Doctor's TARDIS? Of course you have. What Whovian hasn't dreamt of piloting the TARDIS?  As of June of 2014 that is exactly what  you will be able to do!   
One of the many props at BritishFest is a full-scale Tom Baker Console room with working switches  lights, and sounds!  It was such a big hit when it was originally shown at another local con. So much so, they ran out of room for people to watch it being used for a fan film being made. (Judging by the photos in their photo section, it looks like the guys behind Doctor Who:Besieged) This time at Britishfest it will have more room and the rest of the set and walls finished!

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