Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Steven Moffat - Matt Smith is 'Heartbreakingly Good'

With filming on the Christmas special already under-way, Steven Moffat said, "Matt Smith is heartbreakingly good in his final performance as the Doctor."

Speaking to Entertainment Wise at Sunday's TV Choice Awards 2013, Steven Moffat commented how Matt Smith was treating his final outing as the Doctor with a 'glass half-full approach and appeared to be rather upbeat and cheery. 

Best Drama Series - Doctor Who

Moffat went on to say that it was emotional, "It's hard to let go, watching him on set yesterday [Sunday]. You get all excited about the new Doctor and then you go back and see Matt back on set on his first day and you think, Oh my god, that's what we're losing."

Steven went on to talk about the Doctor-in-waiting Peter Capaldi, and how he is looking forward to putting his spin on the role, "He's very excited and thrilled."

Former Doctor David Tennant picked up the award for Best Actor after last winning it for his role in 'Single Father' in 2010.

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